Dead Air, Puppet-Inspired Horror Film Seeks Funds

Dead Air Crowdfunding Details Dead Air

Director: Geoff Harmer

Writer: Peter Hearn

Medium: Short Film

Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGogo

Project Overview

Set on a plane travelling to a final gig, Dead Air tells the story of Monster Kitten, an all female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures who like to bite and infect their victims to the point of all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet. With the help of their instruments, a tape recorder, a dodgy crew member and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.


Dead Air is a puppet-infused Comedy, Horror short film. It is directed by Geoff Harmer. He is very well known in the film festival circuit, with more than 45 Official Selections and won 8 awards. One of his short features includes the Internet viral sensation Selfie.

Peter Hearn serves as the Writer. He is known for the award winning Horror Scrawl.

Also on the production crew

  • Dan Hall: Score (ScrawlMotto)
  • Tom Allen: Director of Photography (SelfieLions Den)
  • Andrew James Spooner: Puppet Coordinator (Muppet Treasure Island) Geoff Harmer, Peter Harn. Dead Air

Additional Music: Erica Knockalls is an English violinist, vocalist, songwriter and visual artist. Best known for The Wonder StuffThe Proclaimers.

Puppet Creators: Lydia Smith, Anna Henderson, Sasha Fusini, and Annie Pugh are all from the Wimbledon College of Arts.

Snapchat Channel Host: Al B Damned (Joey Draper) is the frontman of horror shock rock band ‘Al B Damned’ as well as in the line up for ‘Metaprism’.

The cast stars

  • Stacy Hart (Get Real)
  • Kate Marie Davis (Escape From Cannibal Farm)
  • Charlie Bond (VendettaStrippers Vs Werewolves)
  • Johanna Stanton (Nightmare BoxGrave Tales)
  • Dan Palmer (Freak Out)
  • James Hamer-Morton (Dead Love)
  • David Schaal (The OfficeThe IT Crowd)

Also joining the cast is a Hollywood genre legend. However, the name is being kept anonymous until the project has reached its complete funding goal.


Dead Air crowdfunding campaign has begun. This is the crew’s second attempt at bringing this film to life. After the first attempt has failed to reach its funding goal, the project was re-created.

This campaign will be part one of two parts. The purpose of this initial campaign is to raise funds for pre-production and production costs. The project has currently raised five thousand dollars of its initial goal of twelve thousand nine hundred dollars. There is still a month left in the campaign.

Part two of the campaign will be to raise seven thousand seven hundred forty-one dollars for post-production costs.

To support Dead Air and bring this short film to life, visit IndieGoGo to make a pledge.

There are rewards depending on the pledge package you choose. Pledges range from six dollars to ten thousand three hundred twenty-one dollars. The “Creature

The “Creature package” include

  • Hand-made creature puppets
  • Artbook PDF
  • Exclusive Dead Air Mug
  • Monster Kitten Fanzine

And more.


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