Dungeons & Dragqueens, Vintage Inspired Horror Film Seeks Kickstart

Dungeons & Dragqueens Crowdfunding Details DecayMag.com. Ken Hicks, Incitatus Films. Dungeons & Dragqueens

Director: Ken Hicks

Writer: Ken Hicks

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview

In 1989, Jason, Aaron & Wolfgang cut their D&D campaign short to drive the girls next door to a punk show only to find they must now face two demons and their own sexuality, while drunk and on psychedelic drugs.


It was a time of magic and wonder when the pure of heart and unicorns and demons still roamed the earth…

A time… called 1989.

Dungeons & Dragqueens as a retro-horror fantasy feature film. Twenty minutes (20) of test footage filmed with amateur equipment in the fall of 2016 with only three days, a crew of 20, and under $1000 USD… This footage serves as a sample of what’s obtainable with zero budget.

Dungeons & Dragqueens Kickstarter campaign has started. It has raised $2,316 of it’s $20,000 goal. This is all or nothing. The project will only receive funds if it reaches its target goal. There are still fourteen (14) days left in the campaign. To support this project, visit Kickstarter and make a pledge today.

To be kept up-to-date on the film, visit Facebook.

DecayMag.com. Ken Hicks, Incitatus Films. Dungeons & Dragqueens


The pledges range from $10 to $9,000. In Level 20 Pledge, you can reap rewards such as

  • Having a speaking role in the film or hanging out on the set
  • Behind the scenes access
  • Name in the end credits

And much more.

DecayMag.com. Ken Hicks, Incitatus Films. Dungeons & Dragqueens

The Dungeons & Dragqueens movie trailer is interesting. A group of young adults on their way to a wild party, influenced by drugs and alcohol, when they have a run-in with some undead creatures. Their night of partying and fun turns in to a night of fighting and survival.

The trailer is psychedelic, not only because of the drugs but also because of the style of cinematography and the background sounds and musical score. Music you would hear in the 70s and 80s movies. The practical effects also look like costumes from this era. This looks like a homage to the scene, and a great one at that.

Films are in reference are Labyrinth, Hellraiser 2, The Never-Ending Story, and Big Trouble In Little China. I get this vibe from the trailer clip. The aesthetics are very apparent here. Incorporating LSD and Horror is a world of its own. There is something about these films that make the cinematic experience a fun time.

The retro practical FX is icing on the cake. A lot of older era films use this technique. It used to be because of the limitations of technology and budget. Nowadays, more Independent directors and filmmakers are taking this route. In a lot of cases, it makes the cinematic experience much more enjoyable.


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