Flytipper, The. Comedy, Horror delivers Commentary in Short 

Flytipper, The. Crowdfunding Details

Director: Marc Coleman

Writer: Marc Coleman

Medium: Short Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

Project Overview:

The Flytipper’ is a riotous and gory tale of three men who, after illegally fly-tipping, encounter a rabid monster made of rubbish who will stop at nothing to hunt them down and take their lives in the most absurd ways possible.



Comedy and Horror have had a long standing relationship. This marriage allows for gore and violence to flourish. Social commentary is also present without it being too serious. Filmmakers that venture this route have flexible room to convey their vision.

London-based filmmaker Marc Coleman will pay homage to the gory films of yesteryear. Coleman aims to dump Comedy, Horror into a creature feature. His upcoming project is; The FlyTipper. This, of course, is a pun. For those unaware of the term FlyTipping its the illegal disposal of waste.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Coleman launched a crowdfunding campaign to aid in the creation to his short film. The production team is asking for £4,500 ($5611.50). Funding will go towards every aspect of The FlyTipper film. This is in contrast to most campaigns targeting specific areas of production.

According to the Indiegogo campaign funds will divide into:

• HD digital cameras
• Lighting rigs, smoke machines, and generators
• Catering
• Transport,
• Accommodation
• Production crew
• Practical effects department

The Flytipper also become one of latest films that will deviate from CGI contaminants. Coleman’s film will be practical effects driven. This becomes a huge positive and reflects the creative desire from independent filmmakers. The antagonist for The Flytipper looks unique. with the threat being comical in nature. Below are some of the concept images for the antagonist. Marc Coleman The Flytipper Marc Coleman The Flytipper

Filming for The Flytipper may begin at the end of April 2017. A release date is set for June 2017 with the platform being the film festival circuit. For more information or to donate visit the Indiegogo campaign for The Marc Coleman The Flytipper

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