Foster Bridge Seeks Crowdfunding

Foster Bridge: Urban Legend Film Based on The Bunnyman

Director: Sara Parliman

Writers: Sara Parliman, Tyler Wells


Foster Bridge is an up-and-coming film based on Tthe Bunnyman legend. The film is written and directed by Sara Parliman, co-written by Tyler Wells, and produced by Lyle Williams. The crowdfunding campaign is underway.

Foster Bridge follows Wyatt, an overworked alcoholic going through a divorce with his wife sending him to an isolated cabin across the infamous Foster Bridge.

During a drunken night out, he drives home and hits what he believes to be an animal that had gotten away.

Unfortunately for him, he was half right, and the psychotic animalistic killer is known as the Bunny Man now watches in the distance, waiting for his chance to get his revenge.

The Details


The legend of The Bunnyman dates back to 1904. An asylum prison in Clifton, Virginia was shut down by a successful petition by the growing population of residents in Fairfax County.

During the transfer of inmates to the new facility, the transport carrying the inmates crashed, some prisoners escaped and some were found dead. So a search party was sent to find all of them. All were found except for one inmate, Douglas J. Grifon.

After his disappearance locals allegedly began to find clearly skinned, half-eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging from trees nearby a bridge overpass locally known as the Bunny Man Bridge. When Grifon was eventually found, he was hit by an oncoming train in an attempt to escape.

Excerpt Creepypasta "Foster Bridge". Sara Parlin, Tyler Wells
Foster Bridge Cast

The Foster Bridge project is being overlooked by independent film students. The cast stars Tyler Wells, Isaac Sotero, Tommy Russo, and Shelbi Malonson. I’ve always loved indie films based on urban legends and true stories.

The legend of The Bunnyman is one that intrigues me. However, Foster Bridge puts a new twist to the legend.

I, for one, would love to see the old legend rejuvenated. The tale in itself is creepy and film-worthy material. However, modern-day filming techniques are not bad. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

In order to bring this short indie film to life, the production crew needs the help of supporters. A total of $5,500 is needed.

The donations will be used for production, including costume, location and permits, insurance, generator, production design, and camera and equipment. Rewards are given for those who choose to back and support Foster Bridge.

The production crew has made gained 19% of their funding goal to date, with 19 days remaining to reach 100%. There are rewards for those who choose to donate and support the crowdfunding campaign.

To support Foster Bridge visit the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo



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