Impossible Things, A.I. To Change Course in Horror?

Impossible Things Crowdfunding Information

Creator: Greenlight Essentials

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter

Target Goal: $22,843

Overview: Greenlight Essentials Impossible ThingsHorror is a movie genre that is in a constant state of flux. The genre although ever-changing is plagued with an oversaturation of regurgitated themes. Case in point; the countless reboots and remakes have become the norm over the past decade. The Barbarity of the sexploitation era is non-existent in today’s market. Instead Hollywood offers a limited contribution towards the progression of the Horror genre. Over the years compelling narrative has dissipated in favor of big-budget CGI heavy productions. As a result, practical effects are becoming a lost art form.

Audiences demand innovative concepts rich in creativity. For horror enthusiasts, mysterious and dramatic storytelling is of utmost importance. These deliverables superseded high-end visuals. Jack Zhang is an aspiring filmmaker with a radical vision. Zhang is also the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Essentials. He aims to change the landscape of the Horror genre. The key to his success is summed with the following explanation:

“Our AI software can provide powerful insights to everyone involved in filmmaking….”

“It not only evaluates and suggests plot twists and deviations, it also suggests which type of actors and actresses would make the movie more appealing, specific plot and cast combinations and even helps us find the right target market for the film to be successful.”

Jack Zhang, Founder, and CEO of Greenlight Essentials

Software, Algorithms, and Horror

When did creating content for the Horror genre become difficult? Has it come to the point that we as artists must rely on programs to choose our creative course? Will syntax and binary code replace human dream weaving?

Jack Zhang and his team spent five years developing a unique software. The program analyzes plot patterns against box office performance. Yet, it’s capability does not end with such a simplistic output. This software also uses a data analytic process that structures storyboard and plot twists.

The program structure uses a term called Natural Language Processing (NLP). It may not make sense to the layman but the end result is revolutionary. Data computations and quantization will foster the highest success rate for box office sales.

Raw data delivers via a graphical user interface (GUI). This report will serve as building blocks for the script writing process. Introduced at this phase is the human element. Script drafts are later fed back into the software. The process ensures the correct development of for the Horror thematic formula.

The first artificial intelligence to co-write a film is the impossible made possible. This scenario has the hallmark of a Sci-Fi epic. It seems fitting that Zhang would name his upcoming horror film, Impossible Things.

Impossible things

Impossible things


“….Our AI told us that if we wanted to match audience taste, we needed to make a horror film that featured both ghost and family relationship….”

Jack Zhang, Founder, and CEO of Greenlight Essentials

Impossible things is a supernatural Horror film with elements of a psychological Thriller. The press release states that the film will focus on young adult audiences. It’s estimated that the film will prove successful among a female demographic.

The trailer to Impossible things posted on the social network platform, Facebook. The video served two-fold.

  1. The main reason was to test the suggestions set forth by the software.
  2. The secondary reason was to gain exposure to the crowdfunding campaign.

The video generated 100,000 views. The majority of the feedback was positive. The viewership centered on young female demographic under 25 years of age.

Zhang emphasizes the success of the trailer centers on scenes the software deemed effective.

The long synopsis to Impossible things reads as follows:

Disturbed by the death of her young daughter, a career-driven Mother and her out-of-work husband leave the city and move to an idyllic and secluded country home.

Trading in a hectic career, Madeline – the wife, stays at home to renovate the house and care for her remaining two children: a twin daughter and baby boy; while Matt – the husband, finds any work he can.

When Mother and daughter begin to hear voices and see visions of a deranged woman and child ghost, remarkably similar to the deceased sibling, reality becomes skewed.

After doubting her own sense of Self, Madeline succumbs to the house’s nostalgia for the past. She dresses like the woman she sees, redecorates the house to fit former times, and adopts shocking new aversions towards her remaining daughter.

As her insanity grows, we wonder if history will repeat itself and she will be left with just a son.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Impossible things_2

A Kickstarter campaign was set up to cover various production costs. A Horror film crafted by artificial intelligence is controversial. It is also revolutionary. Perhaps Impossible Things will pave the way for the future for films production. Love it or dislike it one thing is certain. Jack Zhang aims to revolutionize the Horror genre with his software platform.

At press time, ninety-seven backers (97) have contributed five thousand seven hundred forty-eight dollars ($5,748) towards the campaign. Funds will be allocated to various production costs including but not limited to:

  • Cast and Crew
  • Editing
  • Equipment
  • Location and Set
  • Sound editing
  • Special Effects

For more information visit the Kickstarter campaign


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