Irrational Fear; Slasher Studios, L.A. Horror Collaboration to Strike Hunter Johnson, Kevin Sommer, Slasher Studios, L.A. Horror. Irrational Fear

Irrational Fear, Crowdfunding Details 

Director: Hunter Johnson

Writer: Hunter Johnson, Kevin Sommerfield

Release Date: TBA, 2017

Genre: Horror

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter


Everyone has something they are afraid of that they know cannot possibly hurt them. With our third horror feature we ask..what if these fears could kill them?

Slasher Studios is teaming up with LA Horror to bring you a slasher style feature that is unlike anything Slasher Studios has ever done before.

Titled IRRATIONAL FEAR, the film centers around six therapy patients are brought together at a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. Little do they know, these fears will certainly be the death for some of them. Who will make it out alive?

Overview Hunter Johnson, Kevin Sommer, Slasher Studios, L.A. Horror. Irrational Fear

Irrational Fear Kickstarter Campaign has begun. It’s halfway to the campaign and more than half their goal wih $10,000 raised. There is still 13 days left to support the film.

Slasher Studios has been reviving the Slasher circuit since 2011. If you’ve seen these films, then you definitely know what to expect:

  • Teddy
  • Popularity Killer
  • Blood Brothers
  • Don’t Go To The Reunion
  • Dismembering Christmas

Slasher Studios gained interest from critics and fans, both have raved about their films. One thing that sets Slasher Studios apart is their dedication to bringing its fans what they want. And they promise to do just that with Irrational Fear. And to top it off, they are teaming up with L.A. Horror for the first time.

L.A. Horror released Knife Party, RVTH: Genesis and 2 Jennifer. Their upcoming film for 2017 is; Serena Waits.

Irrational Fear stars Baker Chase Powell as Zach, Leah Wiseman as Taylor, and Charles Chudabala as Doctor Sanders.

Fear can be a wide range of things. There are so many phobias out there, and each one can predict a different outcome. We’ve seen films like Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) in Horror cinema. Fears of other insects or creatures, such as the boogeyman are also present.

What if fear takes a different turn? What about the things that you didn’t know could strike fear? Irrational Fear gives a few examples, and this is what makes this idea even more intriguing.

This is an all-or-nothing opportunity. The only way this film will get made is by the generous help of backers and supporters. This will play an important role in taking it to the next step. To back and support this project, visit the Kickstarter page.

To learn more, visit:

Slasher Studios



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