Itsy Bitsy, Crowdfunding Needed For Practical Effects Creature Feature

Itsy Bitsy Crowdfunding Details Micah Gallo Itsy Bitsy

Director: Micah Gallo


Jason Alvino…(screenplay)

Bryan Dick…(screenplay)

Micah Gallo…(story/screenplay)

Medium: Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter 

Target Goal: $40,000 goal

Project Overview:

Itsy Bitsy – A Classic Creature Feature and Family Drama
A young mother with a troubled past must defend her two children and do battle with a legendary pre-historic Spider Goddess.


1. Overview

The horror genre is ever advancing, ever-changing movie genre. Hundreds of filmmakers are challenging each other and audiences with modern terrors. The community accepts most films that reach the market. In that sentence, the word most is key. With the advent use of computer-generated graphics (CGI) Horror enthusiasts are witnessing a recession of practical effects. This is a catastrophe. The talents behind memorable scenes encountered in An American Werewolf in London and Alien are now getting replaced with virtual rendered eye candy.

Whenever a new product comes along showing a restoration to old approaches and gore the Horror community accepts it with a passion. These projects are not uncommon but finance often prevents these visions to manifest. Only a handful of films invested in practical effects make it to completion. What’s the secret sauce that some films make it while other productions fail? There are many components involved but one key contributor is the community via crowdfunding sources.

2. Project Micah Gallo Itsy Bitsy

We here at DecayMag have covered many crowdfunding campaigns for indie Horror films. Most of these projects promised practical effects as the top star of the show. Few make it into production. To sum, are you the audience member, tired of  CGI plaguing films? Stop whining and do something about it!

The subject of this article focuses on the Itsy Bitsy crowdfunding campaign. Why should audiences care about another practical effect heavy creature feature?

The Director

Micah Gallo boasts an impressive filmography resume in Horror. The press release we received states the following;

Micah has an education in film from USC as well as a background in Post/VFX having been a founding member of Lit Post in Los Angeles.

Impressive. Gallo’s IMDb profile is just as vibrant with great films across the sphere of indie to major releases. In his next project, Gallo will seize the helm and constructs an original creature feature. There’s another fascinating subject to chat about, creature features the next dying theme in the Horror genre. That’s a topic for another time.

“Itsy Bitsy has the creature aspects of Jaws mixed with the character drama of something like the Exorcist.”

Micah Gallo

Itsy Bitsy all depends on you, the consumer. There are only two questions to consider
Do you prefer to protest about the next CGI heavy Horror film while getting a $9 Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha at Starbucks?
Do you wish to invest in an indie film idea that seeks to create practical effects to it recognized fame?

Gallo and his team offer a robust multi-tiered list of rewards for specific pledge amounts. Stop by Kickstarter to back the project! Still not convinced? Turn the page for a spotlight on the cast and crew.

3. The Concept Micah Gallo Itsy Bitsy
Itsy Bitsy Trailer Still

Here is the current landscape for Itsy Bitsy including cast, crew and visual treats to persuade you, the reader to invest in Gallo’s film.

For myself, one selling point is Clint Carney‘s contribution to Gallo’s film. Carney is a musician under the name System Syn, since then he’s migrated into the Horror genre. His directorial debut Dry Blood kicked ass during its film festival circulation.

Itsy Bitsy Cast


Creature Puppeteering & Practical F/X by Dan Rebert Creations

Props Art Direction by Clint Carney and Poster design by artist Matthew Peak

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  1. Thanks Ken! Really appreciate your sharing our trailer and campaign. If we are able to make our goal and finish our labor of love it is thanks to good people like you and others who read this, share and support our campaign as backers. It just means the world to us to be able to share our film with the world so thank you again for helping get the word out. Micah, director of Itsy Bitsy


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