Jim Rothman to Launch Horror Slasher “Scythe”

Jim Rothman’s Psychological Horror , An Overview:

Jim Rothman aims to redefine the Slasher genre with his independent production, “Scythe”. Timing for the Los Angeles based writer/director to introduce his concept is well timed. Courtesy of three televised Horror Dramas the Slasher sub-genre is making a return. A surge in marketing reinvigorated popularity with Slasher-esque concept for today’s audiences. Jim Rothman’s “Scythe” will flow with today’s current. Rothman plans to avoid exhibitions of carbon copy element, or recycled clichés. The goal centers on the reinvention of long standing model. A unique visual construct based from a time tested formula.

At Present, “Scythe” is circulating in film festivals. The fifteen minute film short premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. A screening at the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival occurs on the 8th of April 2016. The visual construct served as a model towards a full feature production. This leads to the next initiative..funding.

Crowdfunding Platform  

Within the upcoming weeks Jim Rothman will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The goal will be to raise fifty thousand dollars. The funds will go towards various aspects of film production costs.

What is “Scythe”?

The film offers but does not adhere to influences of the Slasher sub-genre. “Scythe” will have a foundation of realism in both content and delivery. Environments,  and tonality will cater to modern horror audience. Abandoned are single-serving portrayals and ventures into underdeveloped plots. Structured characters will an emphasis. Also, the offerings of gore-centric eye candy will not be a highlight feature. These factors is the foundation to”Scythe”, an established psychological slasher Thriller.

“Scythe” writer and director Jim Rothman had this to say on his upcoming project;

You won’t find any characters running upstairs when they should be going out the front door, or identifying themselves by calling out “Whose There” in the dark, or tripping over absolutely nothing. They can actually run!

Jim Rothman’s “Scythe”  Short Film Reviewed         

Act I opens with the traditional Slasher film set-up. Two teenage girls engage in drug use. Yet, the short film avoids trappings of Slasher films from yesteryear. Presented is a glimpse into one of the character’s backstory, her social dilemma. Adequate information keeps the viewer engage yet not enough to conjure boredom.

As the film progresses so too does the tension mount. At this point the viewer knows who the characters are. The audience are also connected at some capacity and/or level with the young women. With the introduction to the antagonist comes impending danger.

A cat and mouse chase ensues in Act III. As Hunter stalks prey the viewer is introduced to new concepts in its delivery. The fifteen minute running time offers a refreshing take the slasher sub-genre. Yet, the clichéd lack of mobile phone service did mar the film’s creative approach.  The ending is unexpected and solidifies the notion that no one is exempt for elimination.

In closing

The short film; “Scythe” will be available on the crowdfunding campaign launch. ​”Scythe” is a modern psychological Thriller construct. Yet, it needs your support to materialize.

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