Johnny Z  Aims to Strike Blows With Innovative Action-Horror Film

Johnny Z Crowdfunding Details dECAYmAG Jonathan Straiton Johnny Z

Director: Jonathan Straiton

Writer:  Jonathan Straiton

Medium: Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

Project Overview:

“Johnny Z” is a horror action genre feature film about a half human/half zombie named Johnny who, under the guidance of a martial arts master seeks vengeance on the evil corporation that created him.

Johnny Z Indiegogo Profile


The flexibility of the Horror genre is how well it can readjust to diverse perspectives with alternative film categories. Comedy-Horror, Horror-Thrillers. Next is the magnitude of Horror with the adrenaline-fueled themes accompanied with the Action genre.

Am an enthusiast of mixed martial arts and thus Action films than delve further into fight choreography appeals to my taste. With that stated Am also a connoisseur of zombie-themed films. Combining martial art fight sequences, high-octane action with cannibalistic corpses is something I can recognize to being innovative in execution and conception. Please do not note Paul W.S. Anderson‘s input to the zombie genre, that was an appalling video game to film rework.

Filmmaker Jonathan Straiton is in pre-production to craft his next release; Johnny Z. The following talent is confirmed to be part of the cast;

The cast

Johnny Z, the concept, is advertised as a combination between George Romero’s 2005 zombie themed film with Gareth Evans’ 2011 intense martial arts-driven film. Below is a brief summary of this interesting concept. For more information and to contribute visit Indiegogo.


The crowdfunding project which you can find on Indiegogo is now active. The target goal is set for fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) and at time of this article forty-two backers have donated a total of five thousand three hundred eighty dollars ($5,380). According to the Johnny Z Indiegogo, the production team raised fifteen thousand dollars through their own channels and sources. The crowdfunding seeks to raise the capital to cover production costs.

The bulk of the monies collected will go into securing equipment and props. These resources make up the bulk of the film budget with forty-eight percent (48%) determined to be the cost. The second highest tier for production costs are the special effects which make up seventeen percent (17%) of the budget.

Principal photography for Johnny Z begins early next year and progresses over the first quarter (January to March). The post-production phase involves a start timeframe between May and October 2018. An expected release date is set for January 2019.

Production and distribution company Black Mandal is secured to handle worldwide distribution for Johnny Z.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more information on Johnny Z as it develops.

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