Lightest Darkness: Crowdfunding Campaign

Lightest Darkness: Diana Galimyzanova’s Russian Debut

Title: The Lightest Darkness Diana Galimyzanova's Lightest Darkness

Director: Diana Galimyzanova

Writer:  Diana Galimyzanova

Crowdfunding Platform:  Indiegogo.

Target Goal: $35,000 flexible goal

Release Date: TBA

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The Lightest Darkness crowdfunding campaign is underway. Russian director Diana Galimyzanova prides it as being the “the first ever female-directed Russian film noir with reverse chronology”.


The cruel and ironic serial killer has been terrorizing the railroad for the last six months. I.R. Musin, the private eye, finds himself on the train. He’s a clean freak who is on meds.

He meets his fellow travelers, Arina the introverted female game designer and Elina Vyasovtseva the mysterious and polite piano player. They ask him to tell a story about his work, and he starts to remember it backward.

The Lightest Darkness will pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock, and will play in authentic film noir style; black and white. You can expect there to no nudity or on-screen violence. If you’ve watched some Hitchcock films, you know exactly what type of film this is.

The crowdfunding campaign for The Lightest Darkness has a projected goal of $35,000, which is flexible. As of today, $5,839 has been raised, with a month left in the campaign. If you choose to support this campaign, there are a range of perks, depending on your pledge.

Pledges and perks range from $5, where you will get a special Twitter shout out, to $5,000, where you will get an Executive Producer credit and you can attend festival screenings.

The Lightest Darkness is interesting for a few reasons. It being the debut female-directed Russian film noir, paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

So, not only is it a new day for the Russian horror cinema industry, as well as the female domination in the industry, but it’s also making the old new again. Revitalizing an old scene.

This is so important to the evolution of the horror cinema industry. Where there are so many new directors and filmmakers trying to emphasize and capitalize on the current state of the industry, not many are working to revitalize the industry.

I think The Lightest Darkness will certainly be a groundbreaking film, not only for Russian cinema but for the horror industry as a whole.

To learn more and support The Lightest Darkness, visit the Crowdfunding Campaign site at Indiegogo.





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