Mamas Boy, Indie Film Explores Darkness in Society, Seeks Crowdfunding

Mamas Boy Crowdfunding Details Samantha Kolesnik Mamas Boy

Director: Samantha Kolesnik

Writer: Samantha Kolesnik


Medium: Horror Short

Crowdfunding Platform: Seed and Spark

Project Overview:

Mama’s Boy is a short, transgressive horror film about a tragic figure, Joshua (played by Malcolm Mills), who lives as a BDSM prostitute in order to preserve the only family he has left. When the reality of Joshua’s life comes crashing down, the masochist becomes the sadist in this tale of sex, violence, and resilience.

Seed and Spark


The Horror genre is an ever-changing platform. Ideas, ideologies and social conditions are the foundations of a finely tuned film. Whether it is a Psychological Thriller or the Supernatural we, as the audience, digest the reflections of our present age. Sure, the blood, gore, and demons do have a weighing factor but it is the narration that enlightens senses.

The indie Horror scene has helped define the genre. Hollywood Land has developed into a joke for establishing scare content. In recent years freelance Directors, screenwriter and production crew are paving the path with new conceptions of Horror. Most achieved their dreams via self-financing. Others relied on the kindness of the Horror community via crowdfunding sources. Then there are the mergers of both. In some occasions, filmmakers often have the comfort to obtain angel investors. Samantha Kolesnik Mamas Boy

Whatever the funding source the dream of producing a film and prevailing is the biggest reward. For us, as the public, we get to experience another vision emerge. For the filmmaker, it is a stride forward for dream fulfillment.

On a side note; many of us have dreams to aspire in the Horror genre. Whether its to grow into a career as a director, screenwriter or cinematographer don’t stand dormant in a day job. The 9-5 grind is appropriate as short-term security. Turn your objectives into a long-term framework. Do what you love to do.

While running DecayMag there are two persons I’ve had the pleasure of watching as their success flourish. Vanessa Ionta Wright and Samantha Kolesnik released four film projects and founded the Women in Horror Film Festival over the many months. Kolesnik also finds the time to serve as Content Contributor for DecayMag. The pair is a testament of pursuing dreams and overcoming obstacles.

The Horror film industry is distinguished as a competitive market. Yet, Kolesnik has evolved with astronomical symmetry and this is only the beginning… next is Mamas Boy. Samantha Kolesnik Mamas Boy

Mamas Boy Crowdfunding

Kolesnik now transitions as an established screenwriter to film director. Her first production titled Mamas Boy examines a story ripped from a page of contemporary culture. Kolesnik seeks to pull no punches as she delves into a; “….tale of sex, violence, and resilience.”

According to IMDb Kolesnik will also serve as producer and of course, screenwriter. Wright will work as a producer for Mamas Boy.

To help establish Kolesnik’s vision into a successful production head on over to the crowdfunding page on Seed and Spark. The target goal is five thousand eight hundred dollars ($5,800) and the campaign has forty-three days to reach this objective. Mamas Boy will begin principal photography by January 2018. The end product will be structured as a short film. Samantha Kolesnik Mamas Boy


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