Masked Mutilator Pro-wrestling Stylized Horror Seeks Crowdfunding!

Masked Mutilator Crowdfunding Details Masked Mutilator

Writers: Dale SchneckEd Polgardy

Crowdfunding platform: Indiegogo


When he is banned for supposedly killing his opponent in the ring, a former pro wrestler takes a job as a tough love house parent in a group home for juveniles.  What he doesn’t know about his challenging position in the home is that former teen residents had committed a brutal rape about 15 years earlier, and that ultimately contributes to the arrival of a college intern joining his staff.  Rumors and fists fly while residents suspiciously disappear.


Masked Mutilator is a film we here at DecayMag have covered over the past months. Read our article for in-depth background on the film. Also, tune into DecayMag Horror News Podcast S2 EP7. The episode features an exclusive interview with Dale Schneck. Schneck serves as co-writer and co-executive producer for Masked Mutilator. Actor Tom Taylor was also on hand to answer questions regarding this long awaited film.

 Tom Taylor, Dale Schneck Masked Mutilator (Timestamp 86:55)

The Masked Mutilator crowdfunding campaign went into effect on Indiegogo. The campaign will last for two months with a target goal set for eighty-one thousand dollars ($81,000).

To recap, Masked Mutilator delivers a creative premise for the Horror genre. Sure blood and gore are an emphasis. These elements are the common staples in Slasher films. Yet, there are many aspects that set Masked Mutilator in a class of its own. Take for example the intricate realism in the stunts and fight coordination. The audiences will become enthralled with the spectacles of combat. Masked Mutilator
Also, there is a deep level of dedication from the production team in getting this film completed. Eighty percent of the film is complete! Twenty years later the goal remains to present a memorable slasher film.
Sports entertainment and Horror merge and spawn an entertaining mutation in Horror. As stated in our previous reports, Masked Mutilator targets a wide demographic. The film will appeal to aficionados of Horror and professional wrestling. Masked Mutilator
Masked Mutilator served as the launching platform for a great many talents in the Horror genre. Glenn HetrickJames DeBello, and Brick Bronsky surrender their talents to the production. Masked Mutilator

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