Moggy Creatures Pounces on Indiegogo!

Moggy Creatures Crowdfunding Scott Frazelle. Moggy Creatures

Director: Scott Frazelle

Writer:  Scott Frazelle

Release Date: TBD

Genre: Horror

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo


Creature Features, once a mainstay of the film industry and reaching their peak of imagination and execution in the 1980’s, have in recent years become known as formulaic movie-by-budget investments and CGI flop-fest disappointments. Moggy Creatures is a hand-crafted film utilizing quality filmmaking techniques, from writing to execution, that serves as an injection of new life to a beloved but relegated genre.



Moggy Creatures is an indie film project we here at DecayMag have kept a close eye on. The employment of practical effects in this film captured our attention. In today’s Horror cinema stance CGI has become the go-to source to conceive images of terror. The infusion of computer generated effects has benefits as a visual enhancement. Cost effectiveness of the application of CGI has rendered practical effects as obsolete.

Scott Frazelle created the concept behind Moggy Creatures. Frazelle penned the short story. His work is available now via Amazon Kindle. Frazelle penned the short story. His work is available now via Amazon Kindle. The cast for Frazelle’s film includes actress Sadie Katz!

In December 2016 we had the pleasure to interview both Scott Frazelle and Sadie Katz. Tune into our exclusive interviews with Frazelle and Katz via the players below.

Scott Frazelle

Sadie Katz

Another contributing factor of interest is the antagonizing force. Cats, in particular, the Egyptian Sphinx is the deadly enemy. As a cat lover, this becomes a huge plus. What the case may be Moggy Creatures has the hallmarks of an intriguing Horror Film. The concept is rich with originality and vision.

Be sure to listen to our exclusive interviews for more insight on Moggy Creatures. Convinced? Head on over to the crowdfunding campaign to donate. A flexible goal of two hundred fifty dollars ($250,000) is in place. The campaign ends one month from today! Scott Frazelle. Moggy Creatures

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