Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer, Seeks Crowdfunding Blends Comedy, Horror

Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer Crowdfunding Bob Akins, Terrible Humans In Dark Rooms. Nicole Her Ex and the Killer  

Director: Bob Akins

Writer: Bob Akins

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Release Date: TBA

Crowdfunding Platform: Seed & Spark


Nicole, her Ex & the Killer is the horror movie exploring family, exes and best of all…revenge.

A woman’s battle against loneliness and abuse leads her through a chaotic journey culminating in a twisted, furious and dark humor’s perspective to dealing with overbearing family and crummy exes.


The crowdfunding campaign for Nichole, Her Ex and the Killer has begun. A total of $10,000 raised so far and nears its goal of $60,000. Your generous investment will go towards the many areas of production on the film. These include actors, crew, locations, props, equipment, travel, food, and accommodations

Your generous contribution for Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer will not go unnoticed. Those who choose to support the production will reap acknowledgments and rewards. These merits depend on your level of contribution.

Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer is working its way towards production. Bob Akins wrote the screenplay and will direct The Horror, Comedy. Terrible Humans In Dark Rooms serve as producers.

Also on the production crew are Jordyn Roach serving as the First Camera Assistant. Anne Ruttencutter serves as producer and Special FX Makeup Supervisor.

The cast includes Braeden Baade, Rollyn Stanford, and Nicole Trobaugh.

To contribute to the production of Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer, visit the crowdfunding page at Seed & Spark. Bob Akins, Terrible Humans In Dark Rooms. Nicole Her Ex and the Killer

To learn more information, visit:



Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer is Bob Akins’ debut in Horror cinema. The film already circulated in the Film Festival circuit with much praised. Atkin’s film reaped in several awards.

The teaser trailer plays like a dramatic Horror, Suspense, Thriller. Nicole, Her Ex & The Killer centers on a woman named Nicole. The role is portrayed by Nicole Trobaugh. Nichole appears to be entangled in a chaotic web with her ex and another man.

The trailer has a total running time of 35 seconds and succeeds in capturing the viewer’s attention. The clip also leaves some mystery which achieves its effects of the viewer wanting more.


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