Night Run, Supernatural Action Resurrects Era From Erick Solis, Elizabeth Salazar, The Playback Collective. Night Run

Night Run Crowdfunding Details 


Erick Solis


Erick Solis

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: KickStarter


The year was 1985, Daniel McCormack was like any other man, dreaming of sports cars and a brighter future with his girlfriend, Jennifer. One night Daniel stops an assault on several civilians by the notorious Kano Gang who have been overpowering the city of Santa Mira. Unfortunately, Daniel’s bravery is short lived as he is murdered by Johnny, the gang’s leader. A year later, on a thunderous October night, Daniel rises from his grave seeking revenge on the men who took his life, his future and his dreams.


Night Run was has been in the works since 2013. Unfortunately, it kept being pushed aside. In 2016, the project was revisited and pre-production began, including casting, script rewrites, and location scouting. The cast and crew was able to shoot a trailer to start a crowdfunding campaign. Night Run is in pre-production. Assistant Director and Casting Director is Elizabeth Salazar. Trailer music by Dance With The Dead.

The cast stars

Jake Hays

Tyler Cole

Tim Andrews

Rebecca Weaver

Cameron Tagge

Patricio Reano Erick Solis, Elizabeth Salazar, The Playback Collective. Night Run

The Project

Now that Night Run has an official movie trailer, the cast and crew can continue forward with the pre-production phase. The next step is to raise money to finance the feature film production.

A Kickstarter campaign has launched to meet these financial needs. This is an all-or-nothing campaign. The project will only get funded if it reaches its full goal. The project raised $10,438 of its $28,000 goal. Twenty (20) days remain in the campaign. To show your support, visit Kickstarter to make a pledge today.

There are rewards depending on how much you donate. Pledge range from $1 to $1,000. The Producer Credits display in the opening credits, posters, and promotional material for the film. You will also receive merchandise, such as the movie; regular, digital download, and Blu-Ray, poster, movie soundtrack, and an official branded t-shirt. Erick Solis, Elizabeth Salazar, The Playback Collective. Night Run

Night Run follows Daniel McCormack (Hayes), a man brutally murdered by a ruthless gang. He returns from the dead to seek vengeance on his tormentors. The trailer plays as a perfect homage to 80’s Action, Thriller film. The cinematography, fight and stunt scenes are remarkable. This coupled with the special effects and acting gives Night Run the hallmarks of a cult classic.

Solis’ film will be a successful modern throwback, he expresses a great love for this decade. I, myself, share a similar sentiment. Night Run is innovative using modern technology to recreate a bygone era. Instead of copying themed films as some filmmakers do Solis pays homage with a revolutionary approach.


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