Plague Doctor, The. Aims To Treat Screens With Horror, Seeks Crowdfunding

Plague Doctor, The. Crowdfunding Emanuele Mengotti The Plague Doctor


Emanuele Mengotti 


Release Date: TBA


Platform: IndieGoGo

Target goal: $25,000 flexible goal


Upon being called to care for an elderly man, a young doctor finds himself trapped in deranged visions, mixing his reality with the obscure legend of an ancient iItalianmask and the echoes of a timeless love.


Ghosts and zombies provide the best formula in horror cinema. Yet, tales based in some form with true accounts deliver a level of captivation. Filmmaker Emanuele Mengotti’s upcoming production intends to fuse reality with the macabre.  
Mengotti’s vision centers on the notorious and enigmatic island, Poveglia. The island located on the Venetian Lagoon in Northern Italy is the center of legend. The stories surrounding this territory originate from countless tragedies. Over the century, Poveglia has seen its share of dread and sadness. Twice the land served as a quarantine station. At one point an insane asylum also operated on the desolate land. At the present Poveglia remains abandoned with accounts of ghosts serving as residents. Emanuele Mengotti The Plague Doctor


Emanuele Mengotti’s Plague Doctor will embody the essence and mythos surrounding Poveglia. To bring Mengotti’s vision to life will need some secure financial backing. A crowdfunding campaign launched late last week on IndieGoGo. The aim of the campaign is to secure twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000). Different levels of production costs would benefit with the financial backing and those areas are as follows;

• Script:

• Storyboards:

• Marketing and social media:

• Retain legal services

• Casting director:

• Line producer:

According to the crowdfunding campaign, The Plague Doctor is described as:

…a mind-bending psychological thriller like no other, merging influences from masters like Kubrick, Lynch and Aronofsky. It combines narrative styles similar to “The Black Swan”, “Shutter Island”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Session 9” and “Memento”.

The Plague Doctor offers the trappings of the supernatural and psychological tropes. The film is not an overnight executed thought. Emanuele Mengotti spent much time piecing together a well thought out composition. The efforts channel to secure interest on his project.

In 2012 Mengotti was able to create a short that served as a teaser for The Plague Doctor. The production went on to garner awards during its film festival circulation.

For more information or to contribute to this innovative supernatural Thriller visit IndieGoGo. Emanuele Mengotti The Plague Doctor


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