Portal Popperz Seeks Crowdfunding for Practical Effects Driven Feature

Portal Popperz Concept Takes Horror to Mobile Gaming

DecayMag.com Portal Popperz


In our latest podcast, the DecayMag team discussed the third installment to Gremlins. While the news is best summed as a rumor therein lies an immediate concern. The problem lies with the contamination of a good idea with CGI effects. Imagine those cuddly creatures reimagined via Maya, Mudbox or some other computer software medium.

We as film enthusiasts are in an era where movie magic is with a click of a mouse. Soulless avatars pave the way and in turn, a true art form suffers. Another component that CGI can not replicate is accompanying merchandising. For many classic creature features what followed were an impressive toy line. Case in point is American Toy company Kenner unveiling a grotesque rendition of Alien.  

The points offered above reveal the crucial lifeline Horror has with practical effects work. Whether it is puppetry or animatronics a value of appreciation goes into each model. Filmmakers have voiced money to be the obstacle hindering use of practical effects.

Portal Popperz to Reignite Practical Creature Effects

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000). The campaign is not towards introducing a slate of action figures. This venture extends PCS as an established presence in the toy collectibles market. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles will embark on film production! In fact, the concept presented fuses the world of product and imagination.

Why the astronomical goal for this campaign?

DecayMag.com Portal Popperz

The answer is simple. Portal Popperz.

The film is practical effects driven. Also, the soon to be full-length feature serves as an homage to retro creature feature films. Its a tragedy to read filmmakers reinvigoration practical effects. This art form should not be in a crisis of extinction in the first place.  Accrued funds will channel through many areas of the Portal Popperz production.

Jerry Macaluso, PCS President will spearhead Portal Popperz. Macaluso will serve as the director, producer, and will craft the story. Joining the production are a slate of industry heavy hitters.

Roy Knyrim will co-direct and serve as producer. Anthony Clementi also joins the team of producers. Paul Benson will pen the script for Portal Popperz. Ego Plum will provide the sonic landscapes. Creature designer Jake Corrick will bring the Portal Popperz to life.

The concept to Portal Popperz reads as follows:

Portal Popperz has become a cultural phenomenon, and it seems like everyone has their eyes glued to their smartphones trying to catch the digital creatures. But when a motley crew of misfits discover the Popperz are spawning in the real world, it’s up to our unlikely heroes to halt their path of destruction.

Filmmaking takes art, skill, and finances to bring concepts to the forefront. This holds true with the employment of practical effects. Materials, designers, and extra elements inflate production costs. Portal Popperz secured private funding. Yet the production team turned to the Horror community to aid with budget costs.

For more information on Portal Popperz, the production team, goals and rewards visit Kickstarter campaign.

“I really miss the creatures of the ‘80s. Cool rubber monsters with tons of personality. The work Steve Johnson, Rob Bottin and Chris Walas did so well, and how films like Gremlins helped perfect the balance between horror and humor,”
“My years sculpting and painting monsters on dozens of film led me to use those skills for merchandising with my collectibles company,”
“Now I get to use that experience and the connections I’ve been fortunate enough to make to dip my toe back into filmmaking, a luxury I know most campaigns trying to fulfill rewards don’t have.”
 Jerry Macaluso, PCS President
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