Reservation: Geronimo’s Curse, The. Supernatural Horror Seeks Funding

Reservation: Geronimo’s Curse, The. Crowdfunding Details

Director:  Alberto Ivan Garcia

Writer:  Alberto Ivan Garcia

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

Project Overview:

Insanity takes hold of an expedition of four as they cross over into an Indian reservation where they find a mysterious and priceless Indian artifact. Their greed and lust for the object quickly start taking control of them. As each one tries to posses the artifact for themselves it’s powers begins to drive them insane. As they turn on each other their expedition turns into a journey for survival.



The Reservation: Geronimo’s Curse bases Native American folklore or lures into the Horror fiction narrative. These are the films that conjure supernatural elements evoked by a disturbance on the land, a trinket or some other ancient relic. It is easy to find in Horror cinema a reference to Native American folklore or lures. In fact, it is a staple in this ever-growing genre.


On Indiegogo is a feature film concept, a project in development created by renowned industry photojournalist, Alberto Ivan Garcia. In the crowdfunding profile, Garcia explains his pursuit in getting The Reservation: Geronimo’s Curse off from the script phase and on to the big screen, or small screen depending on the distribution medium. Below is an excerpt from the Indigogo campaign page;

I have been working in video and television for the past 15 years mostly as a for various news stations throughout Texas, and now I find myself in Southern California. Telling stories and making movies is a great passion of mine nothing fulfills me more than to share my vision with the world. Geronimo’s Curse is a project that I have been working on for some time now. Raising funds. finding locations, finding the right actors, dealing with all the creative and logistical aspects of making a movie sometimes can be overwhelming…

A cast is already in place and features Michele Martin, John Tague, Nic Wolfe and actress Kelsey Bohlen. Garcia seeks ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to create a trailer but to complete twenty-five percent (25%) of the film, cast interviews, and additional promotional video material. Only four hundred dollars ($400) raised as of the date of this article. For more information on The Reservation: Geronimo’s Curse or to donate visit the Indiegogo page.

The segment embedded above is a short promotional offering to the full feature production.


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