Roman A Clef, Seeks Crowdfunding For Surrealistic Flavored Film

Roman A Clef Crowdfunding Details 

Directors: Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders

Writers: Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders

Medium: Short Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

Project Overview

A photography crew heads to a remote ranch house for a fashion shoot, only to get terrorized by a pair of ghoulish strangers. After murdering most of the crew, the strangers drag two survivors to their compound and attempt to initiate them into a bizarre cult.

Roman A Clef is a French term that referrers to a novel in which real people or events appear with invented names.

In our film, the story is about a fashion photography crew heads to a remote ranch house to shoot only to get terrorized by a pair of ghoulish strangers. The pace will creep along slowly, calling back to the Horror film of the 1970s, specifically those of Roman Polanski and Tobe Hooper. We will maximize the tension of each scene and create a terrifying slow burn for the audience.


Roman A Clef is in pre-production. The project Nicholas Dunlevy and Erin Elders will write and direct. They’ve worked together before on the short film Penny Sucker. It premiered at Palm Springs International and Holly Shorts Film Festivals.

The Cast Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders. Roman A Clef

Crowdfunding Campaign

The Roman A Clef crowdfunding campaign has begun. It has raised $5,921 of its $15,000 goal. There are still 14 days left in the campaign. To support this project, visit Indiegogo to make a pledge.

Pledges range from $1 to $1,000. The Executive Producer credit reaps great rewards:

• On-screen and IMDb credits

• Invites to Roman A Clef premiere

• Film festival screenings

And more.

The teaser trailer for Roman A Clef is interesting. It begins with a man wearing a woman’s dress, holding a wig and walking down a road. It transfers to 8MM film effects. What happens next is a series of black and white clips featuring murder.

The song “Leader of the Pack” plays in the background and goes perfectly with the clips.

This makes for an interesting art film that’s filled with Drama, Crime, Mystery, and Suspense. It raises the curiosity among the viewer to want to see the feature film. The cinematography looks amazing with an intriguing plot. Roman A Clef has a film style reminds me of The Bunny Game by Adam Rehmeier. I can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack for this film. This is a cinematic art film that needs completion. Show your support and visit the crowdfunding page and make a pledge.



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