Roman-À-Clef Opens Second Crowdfunding Campaign

Roman-À-Clef Crowdfunding Details Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders. Roman A Clef

Directors: Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders

Writers: Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders

Medium: Short Film

Crowdfunding Platform: 

Project Overview: GoFundMe


Back in September 2016, DecayMag covered the initial crowdfunding campaign for Roman-À-Clef. At the time of our report, the crowdfunding had collected five thousand nine hundred twenty-one dollars ($5,921) of its aim of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000).

The crowdfunding campaign for Roman-À-Clef ended with sixty-one percent towards the goal.

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Roman A Clef, Artistic Mystery Short on Indiegogo

Fast-forward to January 2018, an update to Nicholas Dunlevy and Erin Elders’ Horror

short comes in the form of another crowdfunding campaign. On the 4th of December 4, 2017, a wildfire dubbed The Thomas Fire devastated Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in Southern California.

The tragedy would pose a crushing blow to the production for Roman-à-clef. Principal photography for the film got canceled as a result of the unforeseen tragedy. The production team have now established a campaign via gofundme. Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders. Roman A Clef

Below is an excerpt from the gofundme crowdfunding page

Definately not looking to double-dip here, so anyone that graciously supported our IndieGoGo campaign last fall need not apply.  We’re looking for new supporters and hope that this platform is another opportunity to continue to spread the word about the film.

At the time of this published article one hundred fifty dollars ($150) has gone toward the goal of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500). Six contributors have donated so far and there is still time to provide financial assistance. Fourteen days remain before the campaign comes to a close.

A rewards tier offers different incentives based on donation amount such as “shout outs” on social media platforms to receiving on-screen credits.

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