Safe Place, Practical Effects, Retro Soundtrack To Redefine Horror

Safe Place Film Details Nicholas Hunt Safe Place


Nicholas Hunt


Majeed Hazin

Nicholas Hunt

Andrew J. Robinson

Dominick Santarsiero

Crowdfunding platform; Indiegogo


After an unimaginable tragedy, a man trades his life for a secluded existence and crosses paths with six youths in the prime of their lives and vows to save them. Even if it means taking them out of the world one…by…one.


Ambition and creativity are essential keys for success. With the ever-changing landscape of Horror, filmmakers are in constant pursuit of innovation. Over the years, intriguing cinematic experiences have originated in the indie film circuit.

One such example of aspiration is from the filmmaker, Nicholas Hunt. Hunt is on course towards creating his first full-length feature. The title for Hunt’s upcoming project is; Safe Place.  Principal photography will begin in January 2017. Safe Place is  set to be a “game changer” in the Horror genre. This is a bold statement to declare. Why shouldn’t it be?

In Safe Place Nicholas Hunt aims to reintroduce audiences to a fading art form. It is no surprise that the use of practical effects has dwindled over the years. The turning point stems from Hollywood churning CGI heavy spectacles of absurdity. Hunt’s creative direction does not end on employing focus to practical effects. Safe Place also has the trappings of a retro throwback. Nicholas Hunt Safe Place

Contributing elements to Hunt’s film are an 80’s influenced synth score. Portraying the cast of characters are aspiring young actors. Below is a partial list of the talents attached to the project.

Lloyd Kaufman 
Tiffany Sefa 
Willie Stewart 
Kathleen Gregory 
John Gettier 
Timothy Noble 

Safe Place will film on location in and around the vicinity of Titusville, FL.  Hunt states his upcoming film is set on;

“….bringing the emotional experience back to horror!”

Hunt has turned to the horror community to help make his vision a reality. Established is a crowdfunding campaign to aid with production costs. If successful, funds obtained will channel through various administrative and equipment costs.

Also, Safe Place captured the attention of Lloyd Kaufman, the head of TROMA Films. Kaufman will be making a cameo appearance in  Safe Place.

For information, visit The Official Facebook page for Nicholas Hunt’s Safe Place. There are many enticing perks in place for backers. With the aid of generous contributions this cinematic “game changer” will be possible.

Visit the Crowdfunding campaign 


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