Safe Place Seeks Crowdfunding, Gets New Cast Members

Safe Place Crowdfunding Details Nicholas Hunt Safe Place

Director: Nick Hunt


Preston Fassel

Pennie Sublime


Nick Hunt

(characters) (story)

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform:  Indiegogo

Project Overview:


Six students attend a party to celebrate their friend’s successful art show opening. Their presence triggers memories of a traumatic event in the host’s past, and he resolves to positively impact the course of their lives – by ending them.


Earlier this month DecayMag had a roundtable conference with the cast for the forthcoming Horror film titled; Safe Place. Till now the plot and character structure remained under wraps. A Horror icon was to serve in a cameo role. With the latter, these arrangements fell apart due to undisclosed circumstances.

A roster of character breakdowns is accessible on the Safe Place Indiegogo crowdfunding page. The campaign becomes the second attempt to secure funds for the Safe Place production. Back in September 2016, DecayMag provided details on the first campaign, also on Indiegogo.

At the time the cast was set as follows:

In July 2017 the cast changed and included the following talent

Kat Kemmet (Lizzie)

Lara Jean Mummert

(Detective Denise Felton)

Timothy Noble (Actor)

Jordan Phipps (Nurse, Rachel)

Genoveva Rossi ( Sarah Craven)

James Robert Taylor (Chris Craven)

Rakeem Devonn Hunter

John Gettier (Officer Hunt)

Nathaniel Matos (Tommy)

DecayMag Podcast, Iqbal Ahmed, Paranormal Den, Safe Place Cast

The time span between DecayMag Podcast S4 EP 13 to this published article many changes have been made to the cast. According to IMDb, the changes include:

Gregory Blair 

replaced James Robert Taylor (Chris Craven)

Gabrielle Ann Henry 

replaced Kat Kemmet  (Lizzie)


Ashley Mary Nunes (Lori Hughes)

Alyss Winkler (Jackie)

Kinsey Krutzler (Samantha Craven)

Notable modern Horror filmmaker Johnny Macabre is on board and serves as producer.

Safe Place was to begin principal photography back in January 2017. Now production has a target for Fall 2017. In the latest news, Terror Films secured a distribution deal for Hunt’s Horror film.

…They are so stoked for this amazing project, we have distro before one scene is filmed! Please take their faith in us as a sign for the quality of this project and help us to make it a reality!

Safe Place Indiegogo Campaign


The Safe Place crowdfunding campaign is in full swing and has a target yet flexible goal of forty-thousand dollars ($40,000). Thirty percent of the costs are going towards the cast with forty-five percent channeling into the crew and equipment supplies.

As always there is a slate of incentives per donation tier. The contributions range from five dollars ($5) to one thousand dollars ($1000).


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