Single Family Home: A Collaboration On New Psychological Horror Film

Single Family Home: Details Single Family Home Bel Delia

Director(s): Bel Deliá, Joshua M. Johnson

Writer: Tara C. Hall

Medium: Film

Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGoGo

Social Networking:


When a couple moves into their dream house to prepare for the arrival of an adoptive child, an unwanted “guest” threatens to tear apart their perfect family, forcing them to go to unspeakable lengths to get rid of her.


Join us in exploring the darker sides of the human psyche in Single Family Home. With five women in top creative roles, we invite you to be a part of the production process as we make this film with a dream cast & crew.

Nicholas and Li unpack their new house in order for the arrival of their long awaited adoptive child. They move in a few days before the close of escrow because they only have the weekend to get ready. As they unpack they hear strange sounds and feel they are being watched. It’s not spirits haunting Nicholas and Li. It’s Ruth, the previous owner, who claims she cannot leave because of her “condition”. They soon find that Ruth never intended to move out and no amount of bribery or threats will convince her to go. With time running out, Nicholas and Li are forced to choose between the child they’ve always wanted and their humanity. Pushed to the edge, they contemplate the unthinkable.



Single Family Home is in the early stages of development. This Psychological Horror is a collaborative project from women in the Women In Horror Film Festival. The Crowdfunding Campaign is on IndieGogo, and there is twelve days left to pledge.

Meet the Team

Bel Deliá……Co-Director, Story Co-Creator, Ruth (Cast)

Joshua M. Johnson……Co-Director

Tara C. Hall……Writer, Story Co-Creator, Producer

Annalea Fiachi……Producer

Amanda Spinella……Producer, First AD

Emma Bell……Li (Cast)

Sandy Stinzel……Cinematographer

Ryan Palmer……Gaffer

Makenzi Jordan……Production Designer

Lex Casciato ‘Little Warrior’……Composer

Single Family Home focuses on mental illness, which has been a staple in Horror cinema as of late. There are countless types of mental illnesses, and filmmakers are taking advantage of this general area, as there is much left to tap into. Productions that revolve around this concept have been a hit or miss as few filmmakers tread this path where it gains success.

This collaborative project is interesting. For one, it’s a female dominant production, and this continues to be a strong world in Horror cinema. We at DecayMag have talked on this subject many times. Women In Horror Film Festival have introduced great films that are products of creativity and innovation. Single Family Home Bel Delia

Second, the production calls for social commentary, and this has also been an uprising wave in the genre as filmmakers look for creative ways to get audiences involved in a hands-on environment. This good for the creative team and for the audience as it establishes a connection. YouTubers are incorporating more social commentary in their videos to get feedback from their viewers. This is a great marketing and promotional strategy, and networking.

Single Family Home is an independent production lead by five women in the top creative roles: Director, Writer, Producers, and Director of Photography. A dramatic psychological thriller with a social conscience. The story centers around, Ruth, a character clearly suffering from serious mental illness. The film departs from other genre films in that Ruth is the protagonist, illuminating both problems of mental illness and homelessness.


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