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Director: Dan Myrick Dan Myrick Skyman

Writer: Dan Myrick

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Back in 1987 on the eve of his tenth birthday, Carl allegedly came in to contact with an alien lifeform” while camping with his father out in the high desert of Apple Valley, California. Although the following day local news reported that several locals had witnessed a strange object hovering in the sky, it was the unvarnished testimony of young Carl’s direct contact that had the most impact on the local community. Now, almost 30 years later, Carl is convinced that the Being he calls the Skyman” is destined to reunite with him at that very same spot in the desert. The only difference now is that he’s determined to document the entire ordeal, thus claiming that he’ll be the first person in history to record his own “alien abduction”.


The UFO phenomena morphed from the pages of science fiction literature. From conspiracy theory to mainstream media the topic of aliens is far from fiction. Visual evidence documenting strange occurrences in our skies have increased tenfold over the years. The rise in evidence is a result of advances in social media platforms.

Technologies, including mobile devices, have made it easier to document UFO activity. The masses are in control. Documenting occurrences in their surrounding environment now more than ever before is easier. Dan Myrick Skyman

Denizens of Earth are in tuned with the internet as a trusted source of news. Vital resources are available on the subject. Yet one would have to filter through fabricated news reports and click-bait websites. For example, one prominent Youtube channel, in particular, exemplifies quality research.

A trove of the unexplainable occurrences is daily all over the world. Alternative news outlets are the go-to source for the latest reports on UFOology.

As noted, it is no surprise to find the topic of extraterrestrials embedded in media. For Director, Writer Dan Myrick UFOLOGY and its intricacies serves as the narrative Skyman. 

Crowdfunding campaign

Skyman, based on the synopsis explores one man’s venture into the unknown. Are his interpretations of truth imaginative or real? The protagonist, Carl Merryweather exemplifies the troubles most abductees faced with. Many psychological issues plague those affected by alien abduction or visitation. Question linger that combat reason and stability of sanity.

For more information or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign

At the moment, Myrick is spearheading a crowdfunding campaign. Acquired funds will get his vision off from script to screen. The crowdfunding goal is set for twenty-five thousand dollars $25,000. The campaign if successful will go into aspects of legal, marketing, and production costs.

As of the published date of this article, twenty-six backers have contributed. Collected is the amount of three thousand nine hundred five dollars ($3,905 USD). The Skyman crowdfunding campaign has one month left to meet its target goal Dan Myrick Skyman

Skyman is an indie science fiction production set for release. Yet, distribution platforms nd release date is not yet authenticated. One of the strengths of the film lies in remaining independent. The tainted control of Hollywood executives will not be a problem. According to the Indiegogo profile;

Having worked in the Hollywood system for many years, I know all too well how an original concept can get quickly watered down in an effort to appeal to the masses. This film is a way for me to re-connect with my filmmaking roots and retain a level of creative control that would otherwise be impossible in today’s filmmaking environment.

Dan Myrick, Skyman Director, Writer

Myrick offers extensive film production experience into his venture, Skyman. His writing credits expand over sixteen years and include many notable feature film. Also, Myrick’s directorial credits have a parallel term of activity and contribution.

Be sure to visit the Skymancrowdfunding campaign. As always a slew of incentives is open and available for backers.  Award distributable depend on contribution amount.



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