Small Town Monsters, Two Documentaries Seek Kickstarter

Small Town Monsters, Film Details 

Director: Seth Seth Breedlove, Small Town Monsters. The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Writer: Seth Breedlove

Release Date: June 2, 2017

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Documentary


Small Town Monsters are currently in their crowdfunding campaign. The Independent production company is an advocate for cryptozoological films.

We remember being introduced to their fourth crypto-documentary feature, Mothman of Point Pleasant. Now, their fifth and newest documentary, Invasion On Chestnut Ridge is being to the campaign.

This will be Seth and Adrienne Breedlove’s first attempt at producing two movies in one year.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Synopsis

The Mothman of Point Pleasant is a documentary that unravels the legendary tales of a manlike, flying creature that stalked Point Pleasant during 1966 and 1967.

The film sets out to clearly define the timeline of events that began in November of 1966 and culminated with the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.

It features multiple interviews with many original Mothman sighting witnesses, local citizens, and members of the media.

Invasion On Chestnut Ridge Synopsis

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, the fifth Small Town Monsters film, will delve into the bizarre history of a 100-mile stretch of land where unusual activity has been taking place since the 1960’s.

Beginning with the Kecksburg UFO crash of 1965, the film will trace the history of a region full of reports of events that stretches the fabric of our reality… Small Town Monsters. Invasion On Chestnut Ridge

These projects have currently reached almost $17,500, surpassing its goal of $9,500. There is still 22 days left in the campaign.

Your generous support will help with the costs of production. This includes post-production costs for Mothman of Point Pleasant. Also, funds will go towards all production costs for Invasion On Chestnut Ridge.

There are great rewards for those who choose to back and support the campaign. The level of rewards depend on your contribution. Rewards include exclusive merchandise, such as custom-designed t-shirts, DVDs. A Mothman statue designed, sculpted by Jean St. Jean and produced by CreatuReplica is a highlight reward!

To support the production of Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion On Chestnut Ridge, visit KickStarter.


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