Spirit Reveals Concerns about MMA In Horror Short

Spirit, Crowdfunding Details 

Director: Cole Winokur

Writer: Nicholas M Sato

Medium: Short Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview:

Spirit is a sports horror film with production scheduled for June 2018.

The story follows Pablo, a mixed martial artist, as he wages an internal battle between self-doubt and determination. Unlike most fight films, Spirit focuses on the fight outside the cage, unveiling a lesser-known aspect of the sport – the extreme dangers of cutting weight.

Kickstarter Campaign


Spirit blends two of my favorite subjects, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Horror content. Filmmakers Cole Winokur and Nicolas M. Sato have devised a production that not only contains a compelling social commentary but also traverses the gap between MMA and Horror. Spirit is a fifteen-minute Horror short and is set to complete principal photography within three (3) days.

There is a brewing concern among the mixed martial art community, weight cutting. This is a technique in which a fighter undergo a transformation period from their natural walking weight to his/her designated competitive weight class. Depending on the training and separate factors involved a fighter would lose twenty (20) or more pounds within the week or in critical circumstances the day before the official weigh-in date.

DecayMag Spirit Director: Cole Winokur Writer: Nicholas M Sato

The weigh-in date, for non-MMA enthusiasts, is the service when all competing fighters step on the scale to record their weight the day before fighting. While nutrition plays a significant role in the weight cutting process, dehydration and inadequacy of nutrients are the negative side effects.

Weight cutting and its negative effects seized the headlines in recent years. Although there are slim reports of deaths reports on health risks continue to mount.

DecayMag Spirit Director: Cole Winokur Writer: Nicholas M Sato


The Kickstarter campaign for Spirit gained fast momentum since its launch. Ten thousand five hundred and fifty-six dollars ($10,556) has pooled as of this article’s press time. The target of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) may eclipse before the thirty-day crowdfunding deadline.

With most film crowdfunding campaigns, the accumulated funds will transmit in toward various production aspects. In the instance of Spirit, the production team prepared a breakdown of operation costs, areas expecting an extra monetary push. For instance, twenty-two percent of amassed finance will move towards sound, cinematography and practical effects departments. Most the budget is the production tier which comprises facets of equipment rentals, location, and wardrobe.

Another highlight of the film, Spirit is adopting practical effects over CGI. For more information, head on over to the Spirit crowdfunding page and stay tuned for our forthcoming interview with the film creators.


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