We All Fall Down, Seeks Funding

We All Fall Down is another entry into the zombie genre. This time the creative minds at Arrowstorm Entertainment  are producing what is to be a very interesting addition to the zombie sub-genre. The script was written by Kurt Knight, who also will mark his directorial debut with “We All Fall Down”. The project takes the over utilized zombie concept and transmogrifies it into something entirely new. Avid zombie fans may find the story refreshing and original. “We All Fall Down” offers elements that will truly set the project apart from the crowded sub-genre.

According to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign “We All Fall Down” centers on:

Earth, Near Future – a virus has laid waste to the world, mutating all adult humans into flesh-eating zombies. The infection lies dormant in all surviving children, bringing about “the change” near the age of 18. Life is vicious and short.

An in depth look reveals that immediately after a viral outbreak, the world is thrust into a post apocalyptic scenario. Mankind is reduced to the surviving few, and survival is crucial. Unfortunately, the future for humanity is threatened. Turns out all of the remaining children have the contagion dormant within them. Sadly, the infection takes hold once the children reach adolescence.

Contributions Aims for Post production

As of the time of this published article “We All Fall Down” has reached a total of $10,850 and have only fourteen (14) days left to reach the goal of $25,000. According to the information posted on the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page, the ten episodic series reached completion. Contributions from fans will go towards post-production costs which include visual effects, color composition, and music compositions.

In return the production team are offering very attractive incentives “rewards” for everyone who contributes towards the finalization of “We All Fall Down”.  Interested in funding “We All Fall Down”? Head on over to their Kickstarter crowdfunding page and offer your support.


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