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Were-Wool: The Indie Creature Feature Seeks Crowdfunding

Were-Wool: The Indie Creature Feature Crowdfunding Details

Director: Lucas Birnie

Writer: Lucas Birnie

Medium: Feature Film

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview

Max Pemberton is your average everyday shmuck who has had to give up on his aspirations and settle into a more practical lifestyle in the rural town of Lafontaine with his long-time girlfriend, and local veterinarian, Sarah Ackerman. Fed up with his work as an archivist for the local insurance broker Max makes a last-ditch effort to take charge of his life, that is, until under the light of the full moon when everything changes. Max must now fight to rid himself of his affliction, salvaging what’s left of his humanity before it’s too late, all while managing his work life and his relationship.


Were-Wool The Indie Creature Feature is in the beginning stages of pre-production. It comprises some of Writer/Director Lucas Birnie, AKA, Lucrative Burrito’s favorite things: love, laughs, lycanthropy, sheep, blood, guts, and more blood. The project still has 11 days left of its crowdfunding campaign. It has raised $10,478 of its funding goal of $15,801.

This is an all or nothing campaign, so the project will only get funding if it reaches its goal. To support this campaign, visit Kickstarter and make a pledge today. You can also visit Facebook to keep up to date with information regarding the production’s progress.

The production crew:

Parker Elgie, Cinematographer

Taylor Zajdlik, Assistant Director

Thomas Reimer, Videographer

Alex Gougeon, Sound Mixer

Jordyne Hatton, Special Effects

DecayMag.com. Lucas Birnie. Were-Wool The Indie Creature Feature


The teaser trailer is suspenseful. A man wandering what looks like a field. He goes to a tool shed and retrieves a shotgun and ammunition. You then hear a howl and a slow growl in the background. The source of that growl is not revealed, but given the synopsis, one can assume it belongs to a werewolf. The trailer fades out.

This 3-minute teaser clip gives off an eerie vibe. The camera lighting has just the right touch. It looks more like a gray scale with tints of color. This being night time in the clip. This cinematography also gives off an interesting take. This has taken me back to the old black-and-white films that always held so much intrigue. It would of interest to this technique in a modern-day werewolf production.

Another thing of interest: the teaser trailer holds no background score. Nowadays, theatrical sounds and scores to heighten the intensity and creep factor of Horror films. It’s an indicator that something drastic is about to happen. In the Were-Wool clip, the lack of this background score makes it even more creepy on a psychological level. Just the howling and growling of the beast is all you hear. It raises your curiosity of what will happen next. This teaser clip in its minimalist and simplistic approach is intimidating and successful.

DecayMag.com. Lucas Birnie. Were-Wool The Indie Creature Feature

Were-Wool: The Indie Creature Feature will be a full length film after the success of the crowdfunding campaign. Donations will go towards the costs of production, including Special Effects, Production Design, Talent and Crew, Food and Catering, Contingency, KickStarter Rewards, and KickStarter Cut. Pledges range from $5 to $12,500. The Big-Time Pledge Award gives benefits, such as

  • Associate Producer Credit
  • Co-Producer Credit
  • VIP
  • Cameo

And more.



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