Dan Sunley’s Presents a Horror Short with Complete “Pieces”

Director: Dan SunleyDecayMag.com Dan Sunley's Pieces

Writer: Dan Sunley

Release Date:  2016 (UK)

Release Format: Streaming

Horror Sub-Genre: Short, Horror, Thriller


A young woman unearths a supernatural presence at her recently deceased grandmother’s home when she finds a single jigsaw piece and a note that reads “FINISH IT”.


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“Pieces” is a film crafted with simplicity. Yet, presented is a compelling narrative that lures the viewer from the initial frame. “Pieces” offers a central theme focused on the supernatural. Ills of curiosity is an underlying commentary on the film. According to IMDB.com “Pieces” is the directorial debut for Dan Sunley. For Sunley’s the film also registers as his second screenplay adaptation. Viewers will engage with superb camera work and well-rounded story structure.

Actress Kristy Guest conducts a one-woman performance in “Pieces”. Louise WilloughbyKate Sandison, and Clinton Curtis Hudson round out the supporting cast to the film. Guest portrays the role of Isabella. The protagonist faces a cryptic conundrum. Isabella doesn’t change as most characters do throughout the course of the film. Instead, the circumstance is the transforming entity within this Horror narrative.

“Pieces” is a Horror film short with a running time under fifteen minutes in length.


Conjuring nefarious entities are usually reserved for ouija boards or puzzle boxes. “Pieces” reinvents this tired concept by introducing a new perspective. Dan Sunley penned an entertaining script that develops with intricacy. Each Act elevates the mystery surrounding the thematic object, a puzzle set.

The production value is spectacular. Creative camera angles, lighting and transitions composed a visual work of art. Another highlight and that of outstanding quality are the portrayals offered. Actress Kristy Guest gets most of the screen time. Guest offers a great performance, delivering dialogue with natural expression.


“Pieces” felt incomplete, unfinished. While the story is well written and well executed it serves as an introduction. A backstory to the characters, especially with the grandmother is only a passing thought. Given the allotted time this presentation offers what it can. An in-depth view on “The Ghoul” would be a welcome addition to a sequel. At the moment “Pieces” does little to pacify the viewer’s curiosity. The backstory on the cursed puzzle, “The Ghoul” teases as an appetizer.

Closing Thoughts:

The above cons are not a critical flaw in Dan Sunley’s design. On the contrary, “Pieces” is a grand work of Horror and Mystery with elements of the supernatural. The viewer is given something to look forward to on a bigger scale. Here’s to a potential full feature adaptation to “Pieces”.

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