Daughter of Dismay: Intriguing Concept, Stunning Art Stills

Daughter of Dismay: Details DecayMag.com, James Quinn, Daughter of Dismay

Director: James Quinn

Writer: James Quinn

Release Date: 2019

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Drama, Fantasy

Running Time: TBA

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‘Daughter of Dismay’ tells the surreal and mystical tale of a witch, an emotionally broken woman who enters the deep of the woods to fulfill her biggest desire, her most heartfelt wish, for which she takes extreme and radical measures, measures that will have sinister consequences, leading to a heartbreaking and deeply melancholic finale. Portrayed in elegant black and white images, the film will be an epic, moving and emotional trip through a world of witchcraft and occultism, focusing on a different kind of witch than usually portrayed in media, one that doesn’t focus on cliched depictions of devil worship, but on a much deeper and more human side, one that many will find very much relatable.

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Daughter of Dismay enters principal photography as it begins the early stages of production. Shooting is already underway. It’s slated to begin its festival run in 2019. This experimental Short, Drama, Fantasy written and directed by James Quinn. Produced by Sodom & Chimera Productions.

Published were photography stills collection, and they are nothing short of stunning. They hold an Arthouse look, which is an intriguing cinematography style and can make for a parallel film when approached in the right direction. Daughter of Dismay is a surreal tale that’s filmed deep in the Austrian woods. The backgrounds in the photo stills are beautiful and set the tone for the concept of this production.

Witchcraft and Occultism are popular themes in Horror cinema. Daughter of Dismay looks to take a fresh path of its competition and be a redefining face of the genre. The photo stills display this moment of innovation.

The Cast

Krist Mort……The Demon

Dajana Rajic……The Daughter

Ieva Agnostic……The Witch


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