David Teixeira’s Girls Night Debuts on Amazon Prime

Girls Night Anthology Details DecayMag.com David Teixeira Girls Night Anthology

Director: David Teixeira

Writer: David Teixeira

Release Date: October 31st, 2018

Release Format: Vimeo, YouTube, Amazon Prime

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Feature

Social Networking: Twitter


David Teixeira will reintroduce his slasher psychological Thriller, Girls Night on Halloween night 2018. The feature will include both Horror shorts Teixeira delivered over the past two years. DecayMag has covered Girls Night and its immediate sequel. Below are links to our previous coverage.

Girls Night 2 tells the story of Jess portrayed by actress Marina de Sousa and her trauma with an uneventful tragedy the year prior on Halloween night. The short relay her nightmares and a looming threat of a masked killer. The viewer is left to wonder what is real and what is a fragment of imagination.

Girls Night is the short that puts the events in motion. A group of close friends prepares for a private Holloween festivity at home. Little do they know that an unexpected guest will arrive. Rounding out the cast in this installment are actresses Liliana Garcia and Alice Nazare. Garcia, de Sousa and Nazare all made their acting debut on Teixeira’s film. The synopsis for the first installment of Girls Night reads;

Girls Night is a short horror film that takes place in Halloween. Three girlfriends stay home for a slumber party that goes bloody wrong. Literally.


Both installments to Girls Night are independent releases with small budget production. Yet, David Teixeira not only creates a gratifying slasher, Psychological Thriller but he also crafts a noteworthy antagonist. Shrouded in mystery the killer to Teixeira’s story needs a full feature film of its own. Perhaps this will be offered somewhere along the line of Teixeira’s upcoming films.

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