Movie Name: “The Hive”

Release Date: 14 September 2015

Release: DVD VOD Release

Horror Subgenre: Infection


A young man suffering from amnesia must dig deep into the far reaches of his mind to remember who he is and save the love of his life before a virus that has infected him takes over.

“The Hive” Film Analysis


A young man wakes up in a dark cabin without recollection of how, what, where or where. He as well as his surroundings are covered with an unidentified gooey substance. The room in question is in shambles, doors and windows are barricaded and haphazardly written notes adorn the walls. This is the opening sequence to the SciFi/Horror film, “The Hive”. It’s an interesting start, one that instantly captures attention and propels the viewer into a deep set of circumstances.  The plot evolves from a cliché story-line of four teen friends working at a children’s summer camp as counselors, and unravels into a unique premise involving conspiracy, suspense and Horror. Although “The Hive” borrows typical or clichéd circumstances/scenes from preexisting films, its executed amazingly both in direction and screenplay and truly excels as an original endeavor. From the initial release of a mysterious virus to its contagious aftermath to the friction between the characters, the tonality of the narrative engages curiosity with its dramatic course.


“The Hive” is one of those movies that offer nothing substantial to complain about. However, the use of constant b-roll/scene transitions subtracted from the serious pace of the film and proved distracting to the viewer. The transitions in question may remind older audiences of the cuts scenes constantly used in the 1960’s Batman television show. Inclusion of the b-roll/scene transitions are understandable but the film could have done without it. 


Steve Aoki’s musical contribution to the film, “The Hive” offers a unique blend of tension and horror to the overall atmosphere of the scenes. The music enhances yet doesn’t overpower, compliments yet doesn’t ruin the chain of events that transpire within the film. The soundtrack is one of many aspects to the film that merits recognition and acclaim.

Writers  Will Honley and David Yarovesky collaboratively flesh out a well written script to that includes a solid backstory to the primary characters. For instance; the relationship between Adam played by actor Gabriel Basso and Katie portrayed by actress Kathryn Prescott progresses believably over the course of the film. The overall plot was properly introduced and elaborated upon, what began as a slow paced, cliché script morphed into a cleverly written conspiracy thriller. 

The practical effects were superb, the effects team didn’t transform the characters into typical zombie deviations. On a side note; “The Hive” shouldn’t be classified as a zombie film, and the effects production team created a unique breed of terror that are entities of their own. “The Hive” transcends the genres of Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller blending each perfectly well. Director David Yarovesky effectively constructs fright, tension and at times a claustrophobic feel. Its hard not to stay engaged with this phenomenal entry to horror cinema,”The Hive” will certainly be a Horror cult classic. 


Rating criteria:
  • 0-10 Avoid
  • 11-20- Mediocre
  • 21-30 -Good
  • 31-40 – Average
  • 41-50- Decent
  • 51-60 – Stunning
  • 71-80 – Must See
  • 81-90 – Amazing
  • 91-100 – Impressive
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