Day of the Dead: Hector Vincens to Remake Classic

Day of the Dead: 1985 Classic Gets a Remake

Title: Day of the Dead

Director: Hector Hernandez Vicens

Writer: Jeffrey Reddick

Release Date: TBA

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George A. Romero’s “Day of the Dead” is geared up for a remake. The original horror classic released in 1985. Hector Hernandez Vicens is set to direct the remake, which is described as a post-apocalyptic tale that: 

“Follows a former medical student tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her.”

Jeffrey Reddick is the writer. Campbell Groman Films, Avi  Lerner, Boaz Davidson, and James Dudelson will produce. Nu Image holds the worldwide rights.

“Day of the Dead” (1985) Synopsis

Zombies rule the world, except for a small group of scientists and military personnel who reside in an underground bunker in Florida. The scientists are using the undead in gruesome experiments; much to the chagrin of the military. Finally the military finds that their men have been used in the scientists’ experiments, and banish the scientists to the caves that house the Living Dead. Unfortunately, the zombies from above ground have made their way into the bunker.

“Day of the Dead” spawned a remake in 2008, directed by Steve Miner, and it was noted as one of the worst remakes of all time. This poses the question: “Why should another attempt be made after a failed remake?” One thing that caught my attention with the 2008 remake; Nick Cannon. It’s been proven that public figures, such as Nick Cannon do not make the best of actors, especially in horror movies. Horror movies that star public figures that do not specialize in acting, usually turn out rushed, cheesy, and poor quality.

Perfect examples are: “House of Wax” (2005, Jaume Collet-Serra), “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D” (2013, John Luessenhop), “Somebody Help Me” (2007, Chris Stokes).

On the bright side, this new “Day of the Dead” remake is taking a different path, so maybe that will give it due justice after a terrible first attempt.

So far, joining the cast of the Hector Vicens’ “Day of the Dead” remake:

More information on the casting of Hector Vicens’ “Day of the Dead” and the release date has not yet been released. Stay tuned to for further updates.


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