Dead Ant, Creature Feature stars: Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, and Rhys Corio

Dead Ant overview

Writer/Director: Ron Carlson
Horror Sub Genre: Creature Feature, Horror-Comedy
Release Date: TBA

Who’s ready for another Creature Feature about giant killer ants? I, for one, am. I haven’t seen a good film about giant killer ants since “Marabunta”, also known as “Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!” (1998). I am always in the mood for a good creature feature, which are not that easy to come by.


Writer and director, Ron Carlson (“Life Blood”, “All American Christmas Carol”, “Tom Cool”), brings us “Dead Ant”, a tale about a down-on-their-luck metal band, who gets a chance at revival when they get to appear at Coachella. But the group gets sidetracked and delayed in the dessert, where they have to battle giant ants.

A metal band crew and a horde of giant killer ants in this horror-comedy. How cool is that? I haven’t seen an idea this good since Dee Snider of Twisted Sister as the deranged serial killer, Captain Howdy in “Strangeland”. There’s just something about heavy metal stars in horror movies that makes it awesome.

Making up the band crew are special guest appearances Tom Arnold as the manager, Sean Astin as the roadie, and Rhys Corio and Jake Busey as the band members. We’ve seen these guys in very well-known films, and will make for an awesome complementary addition to the crew of “Dead Ant”.

Cast and Crew

Shawn C. Phillips (“Grave Encounters 2”, “Treasure Chest of Horrors II”, “Theatre of the Deranged”).

Sydney Sweeny (“The Ward”, “The Unborn”, “ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction”).

Leonel Claude (“Starry Eyes”, “4Got10”, “Flight Fright”).

Special guests that were also announced to join the line-up:

Rhys Corio (“Entourage”, “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”, “Straw Dogs”).

Jake Busey (“Starship Troopers”, “Enemy of the State”, “Identity”, “The Frighteners”).

Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings” (franchise), “The Goonies”).

Tom Arnold (“True Lies”, “Soul Plane”, “Nine Months”, “Cradle to the Grave”).


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