DeadThirsty Gets Title Change. DVD, VOD Release Via Breaking Glass Pictures

DeadThirsty Film Details Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre

Currently Titled: Rave Party Massacre

Director: Jason Winn


Jonathan W. Hickman 

Maggie D. Hickman

Jason Winn (story by)

Release Date: April 10th 2018

Release Format: DVD, VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA



Social Media:





Set in 1992, during a hallucinogenic drug nightmare infused with illicit partying and forbidden sex, young ravers discover the murderous world of the DeadThirsty.


Overview Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre
Sara Bess in Rave Party Massacre (DeadThirsty)

After examining the press release for Rave Party Massacre I committed to the routine online analysis to establish my article. Unlike the thousands of press releases that flood our inbox, the press release for Rave Party Massacre was, unique. There was no accompanying photographs or a trailer for Jason Winn’s forthcoming film.

A probe on YouTube and Vimeo reaped no results for this feature. The absence of promotional information seems odd considering Rave Party Massacre will release April 10th on DVD and VOD.

Concerning the press release, the distinguishing anomaly indicated Rave Party Massacre had received its world premiere at the Women in Horror Film Festival. DecayMag provided extensive coverage of WIHFF and reviewed most of the films presented. Looking back at our records and on the WIHFF official page delivers no reference to Rave Party Massacre as a finalist.

The next step for information was to review the IMDb profile for Director Jason Winn and Actress Melissa Kunnap. Both profiles offer no mention of Rave Party Massacre under their filmography. This left me scratching my head. How can there be no information on this production other than the flowing text on the press release? Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre
Jared Sullivan in Rave Party Massacre (DeadThirsty) (2017)

The answer is simple; Winn’s film was originally titled DeadThirsty and perhaps it was rebranded as part of its distribution acquisition. Marketing tactics such as this are no surprise in the independent film scene.

Filmmakers are often on the fence about this sensitive topic, the rebranding of their product. In many cases, filmmakers disagree with changes made to films in order to secure distribution.

In the case of Rave Party Massacre, the marketing campaign is an utter disaster. A lack of social media presence may prove perilous for this production. The unoriginal title, as horrid as it sounds falls under an endless line of party massacres films that include;

Dude Bro Party Massacre

Sorority Party Massacre

Garden Party Massacre

Also, the title Rave Party Massacre may prove misleading for potential consumers confusing it with the 2017 Slasher film, Pool Party Massacre.

Here’s an added surprise, Dread Central as part of their “exclusive” coverage did not address Rave Party Massacre as having the original title, DeadThirsty. Nor does the article present a link to bolster attention toward the official movie website. Accompanying the report were two still images with one featuring the word DeadThirsty. This references the in-story hallucinogenic drug not the title to the film itself.

In Conclusion

As a Horror entertainment news source it out commitment to administer and analyze information for the marketplace. Regurgitating content from press releases serves no purpose to our brand, filmmakers and the indie platform we maintain coverage for.

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We’ve included the official trailer for DeadThirsty to best promote Winn’s film and its approaching release. Also featured is our exclusive interview with Actress Melissa Kunnap. In our interview, Kunnap gives insight on DeadThirsty and her portrayal as Clare. Be sure to visit the official website and follow DeadThirsty across social media platforms.

DeadThirsty, now Rave Party Massacre, releases across video on demand platforms including but not limited to Amazon Instant, Google Play, iTunes, and on video gaming consoles PlayStation and Xbox.

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