Dias de Terror: Disturbing Films to Watch

Welcome to the first annual Decaymag.com “Dias de Terror” (English translation; “Days of Terror”) The list-based article series began the 25th of October 2015 and ends on the 31st of October 2015 in correspondence with Halloween “Dias de Terror” features a list of noteworthy Horror related media (Movies, shorts, Video Games etc..). In the final edition of the series we’ll be delving into some of the most disturbing, deviant and sadistic films to watch, some are more considered to fall into the Thriller genre than the Horror genre but collectively offer the same unnerving reaction.

What si the most unsettling Horror/Thriller film you’ve ever seen? Comment using the fields below.

Happy Halloween!

  1. Wound (2010)

Synopsis: A supernatural horror film that explores the dark worlds of mental illness, incest, revenge and death. We follow Tanya as she searches for the mother she has never met – Susan who gave her up for dead after being abused by her own father. Tanya returns from the dead to confront and possess Susan with all her deepest fears and desires, sending Susan into a state of madness and gore filled retribution.


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