Dias de Terror: 18 Asian Horror Films to Watch

Welcome to Decaymag’s first annual list-based article series titled; “Dias de Terror” (English translation; “Days of Terror”). Beginning the 25th of October 2015 and ending on the 31st of October 2015 “Dias de Terror” will feature a list of noteworthy Horror related media (Movies, shorts, Video Games etc..).  We begin with one of the most influential aspects of Horror cinema: J-Horror/Asian Horror films.

J-Horror/Asian Japanese horror films most commonly focuses on psychological horror and Thrillers. The concept usually involves paranormal phenomena deeply rooted in Asian folklore, culture and tradition. Several J-Horror/Asian Horror films graced the big screen domestically as Americanized versions while other remain undiscovered by most Horror enthusiasts. “Dias de Terror” Top Asian Horror Films is a list of notable J-Horror/Asian Horror films to watch for a thrilling experience.

What is you favorite J-Horror/Asian Horror film? Add your response in the comments section below.

  1. Unholy Women (2006)


Unholy Women (Kowai onna), is a composite of three unrelated half-hour horror movies. The first segment, “Rattle Rattle”, tells the story of a young woman who is pursued by an evil other-worldly being. The second movie, “Steel”, concerns a young man who agrees to take the sister of his boss out on a blind date, drawing him into a world more frightening than he ever dreamed possible. The third and final episode, “The Inheritance”, is a supernatural tale of a woman and her young son, scarred by abuse and psychological trauma.


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