Dogged Morphs from Short to Full Feature, 2017

Dogged, is a film project we’ve covered before on The production is intriguing for its rapid success. Christina Rowntree and Richard Rowntree penned the script to this  supernatural Horror, Thriller. Richard Rowntree also served as director. As a whole Roundtree’s film is a prime example of a prosperous venture in the indie Horror circuit. According to the director Dogged is a fusion between;

“…Little Red Riding Hood, The Hills Have Eyes and The Wicker Man.”

Filming for the short film began back in 2015. The production had a shoe-string budget. A lack in the big budget did not hinder on quality and creativity. The four-minute short film earned high acclaim in BBC’s film competition The Fear. Dogged also received recognition from many horror news outlets. Rountree’s exceptional vision towards filmmaking became the center of attention.

Full Feature Production to Begin

Getting the short film into a full feature length deliverable required money. In March of 2016, a crowdfunding campaign had been set up to get the adequate funds to pursue the option. The Kickstarter campaign would be a success earning an estimated twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

Principal photography will last eighteen days (18). Filming will be on location at key sites within the UK. Osea Island in Essex is one of the confirmed backdrops. A proposed release date is set for Spring 2017. Dogged will mark the first full feature release by Ash Mountain Films. Richard Roundtree returns as director with the writing team composed as follows;

Matthew Davies (screenplay)

Sirah Haq (executive script consultant)

Christina Rowntree (story)

Richard Rowntree (story and screenplay)

The long synopsis reads as follows;

When Sam returns home to the small tidal island where he grew up, he soon discovers that the rural community there harbour more than just a few secrets. As he tries to uncover the truth behind a young girl’s mysterious death, he’s lured into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with a sinister group of masked maniacs who will
stop at nothing to protect their identities, and hide the horrifying truth about the island.


  1. Great article, I loved the short. I am really looking forward to seeing this concept developed in a feature length film. Richard Rowntree has a vision, and is going to scare a lot of people.


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