Don Mancini Makes Announcement

Don Mancini writer to the child’s play movie franchise confirms during the 40th Annual Saturn Awards.

As I sat and watched “Curse of Chucky”, amazed by the results, I am already pondering the continuation with a new “Child’s Play” installment. Not only is my favorite evil doll back, but he’s mad. And he’s here to wipe the slate clean. I can only hope he continues along this dark, murderous path. And, for those of you as anxious as I am to know, yes, Chucky will be coming back in a continuation.

A Look at Chucky’s Reign of Madness

Well, Chucky has certainly had one…heck of a journey. But after a long, dark…confusing path, Charles Lee Ray is back! And he’s meaner than ever. Just the way he was meant to be. Let’s take a look at his journey of madness.

“Child’s Play” (1988) – This is where we first meet Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer, who transforms his soul into a Good Guy doll and calls himself “Chucky”. Chucky becomes Andy’s birthday present, and the killings begin.

“Child’s Play 2” (1990) – Andy, the kid from “Child’s Play” is older, but he hasn’t yet gotten rid of Chucky. Chucky is back, and he has unfinished business.

“Child’s Play 3” (1991) – Andy is all grown up and he’s enlisted in the military. Way to go, Andy! Unfortunately, that won’t stop Chucky from coming to claim your soul.

“Bride of Chucky” (1998) – Chucky had to find him a darn bride. Why couldn’t he just wreck mayhem by himself?

“Seed of Chucky” (2004) – Not only did Chucky “get married”, he also made a seed. A confused one at that. Seriously? This is one dysfunctional family, and Charles Lee Ray is on one awkward path.

“Curse of Chucky” (2013) – Yes! Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) is back! And he’s got one heck of a bone to pick. Nica is about to discover a shocking secret about her past, as Mancini takes us back to the roots.

But Chucky’s reign is not yet over. He’s just getting started. The “Child’s Play” franchise continues from “Curse of Chucky”, as Don Mancini works on the seventh installment, and, yes, Brad Dourif and Fiona Dourif will return.



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