Doug Vermeeren Offers Insight On Upcoming Film

Doug Vermeeren who is he? For starters, Vermeeren is a filmmaker and world renowned public speaker. Vermeeren is notable for “The Opus”, “The Gratitude Experiment” and “The Treasure Map”. Vermeeren’s insight on personal development, business motivation, and achieving success are much sought after.

A quick glance on finds a wide selection of books authored by Vermeeren. Each volume contains formulas and exercises to drive financial and industry success. What does Vermeeren extensive business-oriented background have to do with the Horror genre?

Doug Vermeeren’s latest film project is somewhat uncanny. The production will explore one popular Horror sub-genre. Yes, Horror. Vermeeren will venture within a realm that contrasts his robust business/motivational theme.  In fact, news on Vermeeren’s upcoming film stirred much attention.

While developing its various stages of development the film in question is under wraps. Doug Vermeeren’s next film will not have any relation to using your brains. Motivational techniques and business ambition are excluded from the concept. On second thought, there will be a wealth of brains in “Creepy Zombie”! (Pun Intended.)

The following is a exclusive interview with Doug Vermeeren. Vermeeren shares insight about his upcoming film “Creepy Zombies”. Also explored are topics on independent filmmaking, crowdfunding and film production.

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Doug Vermeeren discusses “Creepy Zombie” There are production process methods that are unorthodox. For instance requiring selfies instead of head shots. Why the approach behind this approach to casting?

Doug Vermeeren: I havent used the idea of requesting selfies for headshots. I actually use a casting director on each of my projects so I dont really see anyone until the potential cast are invited back for callbacks. But I can see why some people might think selfies is a novel idea. I think it would really depend on the nature of the project whether it would work or not. Personally, I think that I would prefer getting a short video of them acting (like a self-shot demo reel) over a simple shot. What are some other unique tools that will be implemented for the casting process?

Doug Vermeeren: I have used online casting tools like which caters specifically to the independent film community. There are a lot of good resources out there. If I were to give any advice to actors about the casting process it would be to learn how to network and build relationships with filmmakers.

I still cast people I know and trust first. Also I think its valuable for actors today to build strong social media followings. I had a discussion with a sales agent yesterday who wants to represent one of my films and he asked about the social media of the cast. I had never heard that before but it makes sense. In this era of youtube superstars it makes sense that social media can provide some realistic expectations for possible sales. Creepy zombies is an indie production yet doesn’t transverse with indie methods funding avenues (crowdfunding). Instead, the film’s website offers sponsorship options. Can you elaborate on this method of securing funding?

Doug Vermeeren:  I should be clear that we have pursued traditional funding methods. The sponsorship options that you see on our site are specifically focused on the premiere screening events. That is something that is unique to us that I have not seen anywhere else except with my previous documentaries. Demonstrating to my funding partners sponsorship interest and advance ticket sales is really no different than demonstrating presages of the film. They can be confident that once the film is done people are going to support it and come see it. Whats the synopsis of the film Creepy Zombie?

Doug Vermeeren:  Its a secret. We are keeping the answer to this question pretty secretive at this point. We will be releasing an official trailer in August sometime. Perhaps that will shed a bit more light on the mystery. The one thing I can say for sure is that we are taking a unique view into the zombie genre and we are doing something that has not yet been done. But we will not betray the creepy, gory and fun aspects that have zombies such a cultural phenomenon. Two Part Question: In your video you mentioned calling in favors to help establish in production efforts to your film Creepy Zombie.

  • Does the comment hint on getting free labor?

Doug Vermeeren:  Everyone on our set is paid. The favors we are pulling in include everything from top people who otherwise wouldnt work for scale or minimum rates discounting their rates for us, all the way to access to incredible locations, SFX and props and other miscellaneous special opportunities.

  • If not, how are crew compensated with a limited budget?

Doug Vermeeren:  Most of the crew and cast that are coming on at a discounted rate are doing so because of their belief in the project. We have also been smart about our timing. We have calculated our shoot to happen when no other big projects are in my city. With no other shows competing for crew we can get some of the best people in the business because most of them would rather work than sit on a couch watching TV. On the website, a world tour is planned. This is yet another unorthodox campaign and promotion. How do you hope to secure audience interest in each city to a non-mainstream, indie film?  

Doug Vermeeren:  We have several top secret ways which Id prefer not to reveal. But I will share a few ideas that are working really well for us. We are appearing at several fan conventions, partnering with Zombie events (like Zombie runs), Haunted houses and other similar minded audiences. And naturally we are partnering with lots of great media who have really been wonderful helping us to get the buzz going. (THANK YOU DECAY MAG!) And it really helps to have a good publicist!!! (Shout out to EMSI) When will production begin and what is the target release date set for?        

Doug Vermeeren:  Principle photography begins in June and the release date is scheduled for the final week in September.

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