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Eli Roth is gearing up to bring us more Roth horror. After his much anticipated, shocking horror “The Green Inferno”, he is developing a sequel, which is very exciting. After years of patiently waiting for “The Green Inferno”, and after going through it’s road bumps along the way, it was finally given the green light to continue development, and eventually, an exciting theatrical release, which was shocking to me. The synopsis to “The Green Inferno” was pretty similar to Ruggero Deodato’s controversial “‘Cannibal Holocaust”.

“The Green Inferno” trailer, alone, both shocked and excited audiences since it’s first pitch in 2013.  Even though the wait to finally see the long-anticipated film on the big screen was long and tedious, it was definitely worth the wait. There are two audiences  for “The Green Inferno”: the ones that love it and the ones that hate it. There is no in between. But, I think for the audience that hated it, the problem was they expected it to live up to the expectation of Ruggero Deodato’s “Cannibal Holocaust” as far as the gore scenes go.

Even though the premises are alike, I don’t think the purpose of “The Green Inferno” was to copy “Cannibal Holocaust”, more-so than to follow along it’s footsteps. It’s like the teen slasher movies: we all know there are the few movies in the genre that paved the way for more films to come after them and follow in their footsteps. But, that’s just how the horror industry works. One idea starts it off, and that starts the path for a slew of other ideas to follow and keep the trend going. Next thing you know, you have a maze of ideas that all started with one central idea.

Contrary to people who are biased, “The Green Inferno” was very successful in its pitch, its execution, and in sales, grossing over $7,000,000 (in the USA) after a $6,000,000 production budget. I think the idea of cannibals in the rainforest is becoming a big trend in the horror genre now, after “Cannibal Holocaust” has opened the doors to this arena. Set this tone to a “found footage” outlet, and you have a perfect score.

In 2013, there was some talk of a sequel to “The Green Inferno”. However, nothing has been confirmed to date. One thing is for certain: a sequel is definitely in development.

One Sentence Scare

While we’re on the subject of Eli Roth and “The Green Inferno”, Roth’s Crypt TV hosted a “One Sentence Scare”contest with MoviePilot. The contest winner: 18-year-old Solon Papageorgio from Greece. His one-sentence pitch:

“I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer; I just had to outrun my friend running beside me.”

Solon Papageorgio’s pitch was read 600,000 times. That might as well be 600,000 hits on YouTube. That’s huge. And, I can see why. The pitch draws you in. You can speculate on several outcomes with this pitch, but overall, it leaves a lot to ponder. That being:

“So, if the serial killer is not my biggest problem, and my friend is…does that mean that my friend is actually the killer?”


“If my goal is not outrun the serial killer, but to outrun my friend, does that mean my friend is the one the killer wants? And, as long as I am with my friend, I, myself, can become a victim as well.”

Solon Papageorgio gets to travel to MoviePilot’s headquarters and watch his pitch unfold into a movie project that will be distributed across Crypt TV and MoviePilot. I am excited about this and look forward to the result of this chilling pitch.


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