“Escape From New York” Reboot in Development..

“Escape From New York” remake is currently underway after two years of development limbo. News originally surfaced that Producer Joel Silver and Silver Pictures would be working collaboratively with StudioCanal on the “Escape From New York” reboot. The Hollywood Reporter confirms on a recent report that Writer, Actor, Producer Neil Cross is on board to pen the scrip to the “Escape From New York” reboot.  No official word have surfaced on candidates to direct the “Escape From New York” film. However, slated to Produce are Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona of The Picture Company.

According to article, 20th Century Fox is expecting to pursue similar success with the “Escape From New York”  franchise as it did with the recently redeveloped “Planet of the Apes” franchise. Would the new version of “Escape From New York” capture the attention of today’s moviegoers? The outcome remains to be seen, simply because the track record for reboots and remakes over the years have been either hit or miss (with more misses than hits).

The synopsis to the original 1981 classic “Escape From New York” reads as follows:

In 1997, when the US President crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in for a rescue.

John Carpenter directed and co-wrote the script to “Escape From New York” in collaboration with Nick Castle. The film starred Kurt Russell as the protagonist/anti-hero Snake Plisken and featured notable cast of Lee Van CleefErnest BorgnineDonald Pleasence, and Isaac HayesReleased in 1981, “Escape From New York” would eventually become a cult favorite. However, the sequel “Escape From L.A”  released in 1996 which was also directed by John Carpenter  failed to gain success of the original and received a predominantly negative reception with both critics and fans alike


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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