Exclusive Interview: Neil King and Brian Sapir of Inked Films

Exclusive Coverage: “Inked A Prologue”

Delve behind the scenes to “Inked: A Prologue”. Filming for this short film begins May 2016. At this moment a crowdfunding campaign is currently underway at Indiegogo. The creative minds behind upcoming Horror project are; Neil King and Brian Sapir.

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””]Tonya Kay Cast in “Inked: A Prologue”[/box]

King, Sapir together formed iNK Films. The duo are invested in the creative arts field as well as the Horror genre.  “Inked: A Prologue” is more than an upcoming Horror venture.  The short film serves as an presentation towards a full-length feature. They’ve established a crowdfunding campaign to create an innovative gore-centric supernatural Thriller.

The synopsis to “Inked: a Prologue” centers on:

” …The story of James, a devout person of faith, who recently caught his fiance cheating on him. When reminiscing the situation while walking the streets, James comes across a tattoo parlor. Questioning his faith and having a long discussion with the artist, he impulsively decides to get a tattoo. After the ink, he falls down a path of temptation which causes horrific consequences beyond anybody’s expectations.”

The Cast to “Inked: A Prologue” includes:

Maxwell Chase

Robert R. Shafer

Ashley Mary Nunes

Kelsie Hendwillrix

Kelsey Chugearlstedt

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The telephone interview conducted by Ken Artuz Founder, Editor of DecayMag.com occurred on the 24th of March 2016. Neil King and Brian Sapir share insight on their upcoming project. Discussed are the film concept, cast, and more. Of course intimate details on the project is top secret. King and Sapir also share their views on the Indie Horror scene and Horror cinema as a whole.

Special thank you to Neil King and Brian Sapir  for taking the time out of their busy schedules to partake in this interview with DecayMag.com 


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