Terror, frights, demons are  descriptives commonly associated with Halloween, and not in the least with Christmas. However, that may all change as horror fans eagerly await Michael Dougherty’s Christmas themed horror/supernatural comedy; “Krampus” slated for theatrical release on the 4th of December 2015.  The premise of the upcoming  Christmas themed horror film “Krampus” centers heavily from ancient European folklore. The tale describes “Krampus” as a horned demonic creature that chastises mischievous children during the holiday season,  a contrast to the obese, sigh riding Santa who rewards moral children with gifts.

“Krampus” is Co-Written and Directed  by Michael Dougherty,  well known for his penchant on holiday themed horror films. Dougherty’s writing and directing credits includes Halloween frights; “Seasons Greetings”, “Making Friends”,  “Trick ‘r Treat” and “Trick ‘r Treat 2”.  This time around, Michael Dougherty builds on the emotional aspect of the Christmas season as a foundation to his new tale of terror, “Krampus”.  Michael Dougherty states:

A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life are kind of nightmares that show you these broken characters who experience a darker side of divine intervention. They need to be scared straight. So it was important to elevate it. If you do a horror film without an emotional core, you don’t really have much.

The interpolation of a character driven, story rich plot is quite evident in the film summary. “Krampus” centers on a young boy named Max (Emjay Anthony) who despite his adolescent age, continues to distill belief in the notion of Santa. Unfortunately, contending with the stress of his dysfunctional family during the holiday season proves devastating. Max soon abandons his credence in Saint Nick and as a result a sinister side of Christmas manifests, a demon named “Krampus”.

Earlier today (8th of September 2015) USA Today debut exclusive still images to the  Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus”, accessible via the slideshow below.


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Also take a moment to watch the version of the International trailer to “Krampus” courtesy of joblo.com. The video however is in Spanish, nevertheless enjoy the early Christmas present, and as always stay tuned to Decaymag.com for more information on “Krampus” as it develops.

“Krampus” stars Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner and Allison Tolman and is produced by Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures with visual effects by Weta Digital.





  1. SO looking forward to this one!

    I’m a sucker for Halloween being thrown into the Christmas Spirit. I’ve had enough with the commercialization and all around selfish vibes of Christmas. Halloween FTW!


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