Fatal Accident on “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

Fatal accident occurred on December 3rd 2015 after a crew member was crushed to death while working on set to the sixth installment of the “Resident Evil” movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich. According to news website IOL, the accident involved crew member, 34-year-old Ricardo Cornelius. Cornelius was part of a team manually rotating a small platform which the U.S. Army Hummer stood. Tragically, the platform tilted, pinning Ricardo Cornelius beneath the vehicle.

Ricardo Cornelius was rushed to Netcare Kuils River hospital where he was placed on life support. Tragically he died hours later. The recent fatality comes on the heels of the devastating accent involving stunt-woman Olivia Jackson. DecayMag.com reported earlier this week that Olivia Jackson suffered severe injuries which rendered her left arm useless one that will require amputation.

After being unemployed for a year Ricardo Cornelius was able to secure work with All Access Crews on the “Resident Evil” movie set.  He had only five weeks of employment with the company at the time of the accident. He was  married for only ten months to 26-year-old Shafiefa Cornelius. In lengthy interview with news site IOL, Shafiefa stated:

“…(Ricardo’s colleague) called me and said he needs Ricardo’s identity document because he got hurt at work but I don’t have to worry…

“…At the hospital, doctors said they had to take him into theatre as soon as he arrived..

“…His heart stopped and they were fighting for his life but managed to revive him again. The doctors said his lungs were completely flat and he was bleeding a lot…

Although All Access Crews assisted Shafiefa financially, she states that the company her late husband worked for is keeping her completely in the dark on the incident.  Shafiefa stated:

“…No amount of money will bring my husband back…

“…No one can tell me what happened, I need closure. His colleagues who I spoke to blocked me on WhatsApp….

“…None of the bosses have even contacted me to tell me what happened….

“…I’ve been making my own assumptions all along…”

What seems to be the problem on the “Resident Evil: The Last Chapter” filming set? Cursed? Sabotage or lax safety issues? Whatever the circumstances, its already altered the lives of many in a tragic way.

Source: IOL   



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