Finale Offers Macabre Teaser

Finale Film Adaptation to Thriller Novel

Earlier this week a press released arrived in our inbox. With the standard procedure, we expected to find a formatted production descript. To our surprise, received was far from the norm. Staring back from our screen was a macabre invitation. The file presented a website address and a password. A small schematic to a box cutter and a medical rendition of a human heart branded the document. A foreboding statement printed below the promo read as follows:

“Soon the next round of ultimate entertainment will commence.”

“Preparations have begun.”

“Come find us in the dark

The press material exhibits a “thinking outside the box” context. Striking and original. This raises the question; How strategic will the film interpret originality?

“Finale”finds itself shrouded in mystery with elements transversing the realm of depravity. Søren Juul Petersen's FinaleSøren Juul Petersen directs “Finale”. Peterson also penned the script. The book; “Alt det hun ville ønske hun ikke forstod” (Everything that she would wish she did not understand) serves as the concept for “Finale”. The novel published on October 2011 comes from award-winning Danish author Steen Langstrup. This is a soon-to-be-released production is from Denmark-based Frightgeist productions. Both “Finale”and it’s literary sourced material parallel with the following summary:

Nationwide quietness. The streets are empty. Everyone’s glued to their screens at home, watching the final game.
In the outskirts of Denmark, close to the German border, a small gas station needs to be open for service, even on this special night.

Two young women have the shift. Ambitious Agnes is in the backroom putting finishing touches on her thesis, while freespirited Belinda is on her phone, hoping to get the attention of her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the shift is not going to be as uneventful as they think, because no customers also means no witnesses, and the girls have been spotted to play a special part in a very different sort of game.

From the synopsis “Finale” offers the hallmarks of a psychological Thriller compose with spectacles of carnage. The trailer below provides a glimpse of what to expect in “Finale”. Our interest here at is piqued.

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