Flesh of my Flesh Now On Amazon

DecayMag.com Edward Martin III Flesh of my Flesh Flesh of my Flesh is  now available on VOD streaming and DVD via Amazon.com. The Limited Edition DVD  features:

  • Autographed by the Director
  • Numbered
  • Includes an extensive Making-Of featurette
  • Four bonus short films
  • Commentary tracks
  • An official Zombie Hunter ID card
  • A bonus chase card for the hilarious companion card game Hacked Off.

The synopsis to “Flesh of my Flesh” reads as follows:

Flesh of my Flesh chronicles mankind’s final hours in the last great war for existence. 

Here are some production details on the indie zombie film; “Flesh of my Flesh”

The film is a joint production from Hellbender Media and Guerrilla Productions. Filming for  “Flesh of my Flesh” occurred locally within the Portland, Oregon area.


Heather Rose Pearson

Matthew Martin

Ron Richardson

Drew Barrios

Rex Irae

Shannon Wills

Tara Walker

Gil Luna

“Flesh of my Flesh” is written and directed by Edward Martin III

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About Hellbender Media

Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Hellbender Media specializes in movies, books, games, and other media that embraces the strange, the peculiar, the weird, or might simply be a little off the beaten track. Hellbender Media produces material that gets under our skin, that tickles us, or intrigues us. This way, we can at least say our soul’s clean.

Hellbender Media is currently in post-production on two new feature films, about to release their third game, and a new series of horror tales, as well as several movie projects j-u-s-t starting to warm up.

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Flesh of my Flesh Website 

Hellbender Media Website 




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