Follower, The, Arrives On Demand April Damian Romay, Mar Vista Entertainment. The Follower

Follower, The: Film Details 

Director:  Damián Romay

Writer: Damián Romay

Release Date: April 18, 2017

Release Format: Digital HD, On-Demand

Genre: Thriller


On the last night of her tour, country-pop superstar Chelsea Angel (Erika Christensen), announces to her fans a much needed break from her music career to focus on her family and soon-to-arrive baby. Tragedy strikes when her flight home crashes into a remote wilderness. The only other survivor of the crash, Evelyn King (Bethany Lauren James), who happens to be a huge fan of Chelsea, pulls her to safety.

Hurt and unable to walk, Chelsea needs Evelyn’s help to get to a nearby cabin. As Evelyn cares for Chelsea’s wounds, she becomes increasingly unstable and obsessive and Chelsea begins to realize that her caretaker may have more sinister plans in store. Racing the clock, she must find a way to overcome her injuries and escape from Evelyn, whose insane adoration could ultimately lead to Chelsea’s demise.

Overview Damian Romay, Mar Vista Entertainment. The Follower
Bethany Lauren James

 The Follower released as a TV movie on March 17, 2017. The Psychological Thriller is directed by Damián Romay, who also writes the script. Produced by Mar Vista Entertainment. The film will release on Digital HD and On Demand on April 18, 2017.

On the production crew

  • Jacobo Rispa
  • Kristofer McNeely
  • Stephanie Slack
  • Fernando Szew

The cast stars

  • Erika Christensen
  • Val Lauren
  • Bethany Lauren James

Erika Christensen is a known name and face in the Horror circuit. Aside from television shows, she’s known for Swimfan, directed by John Polson. By the sound of the synopsis in The Follower, this is right up Christensen’s alley, as this theme can also be seen in Polson’s film Damian Romay, Mar Vista Entertainment. The Follower

Bethany Lauren James is a new face in the industry. The Follower is her debut feature film to date. She also stars in the So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star television show (2015), and Pet Peeve (2016), the short Thriller film directed by Sarah Haruko.

James references Misery in her brief description of Romay’s film and describing her role as the antagonist. In The Follower, Christensen’s role is switched, as she portrayed the antagonist in Swimfan, which actually has a like-minded story. In Polson’s film, she plays the new girl in town, who develops an unhealthy obsession with a guy in her new school. She plays an excellent antagonist, so seeing the role reversed in this new film will be interesting.


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