Found Footage, The Best Movies to See

Found footage, what comes to mind? I think films that are inspired by true stories. or true documentaries. Which is not always the case. Go figure. I’m not usually a fan of found footage films because a lot of them are boring, but I have seen some that are good. This collection of found footage films are some of the best, in my opinion. Some of them got much lower ratings than they deserve.

1. Movie Title: Troll Hunter (2010) Best Found Footage Films "Trollhunter"

Bears turn up dead in Norway. Now a trio of Volda University student filmmakers decide to investigate. They stalk the trailer of the mysterious hunter. Expecting to find an explanation for the killings. The students learn that the mysterious hunter is actually a troll hunter. He also works for a secret government agency.

“Trollhunter” features hands-on action. I’ve found myself gripping my pillow in some of the scenes. The trolls on this film look real. Yet, the creature looks different from other movies I’ve seen. For example“Troll” is a much different concept.

Fun Fact: “Trollhunter” contains several references to old Scandinavian folklore.



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