2. Movie Title: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)



A New York anthropologist travels to the wild, inhospitable jungles of South America to find out what happened to a documentary film crew that disappeared two months before filming a documentary about primitive cannibal tribes deep in the rain forest. With the help of two local guides, the anthropologist encounters two tribes: The Yacumo and The Yanomamo.

I frightened and nervous to watch it after reading reviews. When I first watched “Cannibal Holocaust” I had a friend of mine stay on Skype and keep me company while I watched it. This film has so much guts (human guts, animal guts) that it makes you gag. I think that has to be the worst part of the film. And it looks so real it makes you think it’s real.

Fun Fact: Despite the advertising claiming the film is a true story, “Cannibal Holocaust” is in no way a true story. Accusations began to circulate after the film’s release. The film’s director Ruggero Deodato was arrested on grounds of making a real snuff film.



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